December | 2019

10 Highly Acclaimed Companies To Look Out For 2020

Magazine Profiles

Buzo Media Services

Combining Digital Craftsmanship


Easy Trip Planners

Efficient Travel Planning

Easy Trip Planners- Efficient Travel Planning

Flying Penguins

Making Businesses Stand Strong, Digitally.

Vishal Chawda CEO Anand Kurani COO Director of operation | flying Penguins


Sunando Bhattacharya Co-founder & CEO | IndiQus


Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

ShoppingKart24- Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

Leadership Talks

BLR Logistiks

A Leading Transportation and Logistics Company

Mr Ashok Goyal | Managing Director | BLR Logistiks (I) Ltd

eOrchids Technosolutions

Spinning Dream to Reality


Evolution Strategy

Design the Perfect Evolution Strategy

Mr. Vineet Trakroo | CEO | Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP

Nirmalya Labs

An Inherent Attribute of Soul

Biraja Prasad Nath (Chairman) and Keshav Tripathy (CEO) |Nirmalya Labs

Prizma Digitech

Mr Aakash M Borse, Mr Vishal V Kulkarni and Mr Jalay V Pandya | Founding Members and Directors | Prizma Digitech

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Festival Season 2019

Anuj Puri Chairman ANAROCK Property Consultants

Live a Little, Laugh a Little

Live a Little Laugh a Little

Why “Don’t Take it Personally” is a Terrible Work Advice

why don't take it personally at work is a terrible work advice

Chennai- The Gateway of South India

Chennai - Gateway of South India

Gadgets On The Go

Gadgets On The Go

Why Being an Entrepreneur is not Only about Having Great Ideas!

to be successful an entrepreneur must