Now traveling by air can be expensive, a huge hike in air-fuel prices

After lockdown, if you are planning to travel somewhere in the country or abroad, then get ready to pay a lot. In the coming days, all airlines can increase the prices of flight tickets. Within 15 days, oil marketing companies have increased the prices of aerial turbines (fuel). It is likely to have a direct impact on ordinary passengers.

The oil marketing company (HPCL, BPCL, IOC) has increased the price of jet fuel (ATF) by 16.3 percent. The new price of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) in Delhi will be Rs 39,069.87 per kg liter from 16 June. Similarly, the rate of ATF has been increased to Rs 44,024.10 per kg liter in Kolkata, Rs 38,565.06 per kg liter in Mumbai and Rs 40,239.63 per kg liter in Chennai.

Experts say that the increase in jet fuel prices is going to have a direct impact on passengers’ pockets. Actually, all the airlines of the country are running at a loss due to the lockdown. There is a huge shortage of money in most companies, due to which the salary of the employees has been cut. In such a situation, the impact of expensive oil prices will be on the pockets of the customers. New prices can be implemented in the coming days.

While the price of crude oil continues to decline, on the other hand, petrol and diesel prices are on fire in the country. On Monday, the price of crude oil fell more than 2 percent in the international market. This has brought crude oil closer to $ 35 a barrel.

On Monday, crude oil fell 2 percent (81 cents) to $ 35.45 a barrel at the US West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Brent crude also fell 1.7 percent (66 Cents) to $ 38.07 a barrel. It saw a drop of 8 percent last week.

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