Ad tech, the modern way of advertisements.

While watching a TV, an advertisement hits your mind and you get attracted towards the product or service. Without wasting a time you just search it on internet and get all the required information such as product’s specifications, price, where you can buy it? etc. A jingle i.e. product’s or service’s advertisement in a musical form made the trade happen. A jingle is just a single way of advertisement. There are many other ways of advertisements we come across, daily. In this era of digitization, advertisement industry changed a lot; using technology now any business can reach to the more buyers in lesser time as well as lesser cost.

The ad tech, short form for advertisement technology refers to different types of analytics and digital tools used in the context of advertising. Due to use of ad tech, it is easily possible to reach more targeted and desired audience.

Long back ago when literacy rate was very low, people used to advertise their business with the help of symbols, Instead of signs that read “cobbler”, “miller”, or “tailor”, images such as a boot, suit, hat etc. associated with their business were used. Hawkers developed a particular way to call out their customers in melodious form called as Street Cries. In 19th century advertisements became major source for businesses to get customers. Back then advertisements were mainly based on newspapers as well as magazines. Print advertisements mainly used to promote newspapers and books. With the advances in the printing press, print advertisements made more affordable which helped advertising business to grow faster. In 20th century, advertisements grew rapidly with the use of new technologies like direct mail, radio, television etc.

The internet changed whole scenario of advertisements. With the birth of internet on 20 December 1990 when world’s first website was launched, the number of internet user has skyrocketed. With the help of internet, digital marketing evolved in the advertisement business. Now companies mainly focus on the online advertisements. On one hand, ad tech includes digital banners and other advertising methods; on other it also includes the backend systems that help direct mail advertising to targeted audience. 

After the internet’s growth, copious data appeared and so opportunities to use it for finding and targeting specific online customers. Right ads should be delivered to right people. To do so, marketers need to analyse consumer’s behaviour and pinpoint what product or service user most likely to respond to develop sales. Now a day 70 out of 100 people use smart phones. That’s why mobile advertisements are playing a big role. Majorly used platforms for online advertising include-

  1. Google Adwords – Google Adwords helps to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer.
  • Bing Ads – Bing Ads is used to get traffic from Bing and Yahoo, the two majorly used search engines after Google.
  • Facebook Ads – There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users. Facebook provides a mixed user base. It’s a platform for all types and sizes of business. Marketer can reach to an appropriate audience using key phrases as well as demographics.
  • Instagram Ads – Instagram is a best platform for consumer brands to generate leads and boost sales. Instagram has over one billion active users every month. 80% of all the Instagram accounts follow at least one brand. A business having products especially for youngsters should advertise on Instagram as it’s a trending thing in youth.
  •  Twitter Ads – Twitter ads are used for getting interested followers and retweets at very affordable rates. Direct website links provided with advertisements on twitter can help to develop traffic on your website as well as sales.  
  • LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn is platform where a marketer can find large number of working people. Businesses dealing in services like job consultancy, learning etc. can develop sells by advertising on LinkedIn.  
  • Whatsapp Ads – Direct addressing is a lot effective than mass advertising. This helps more as we directly reach to the right customer with the right content and on time. If a brand needs personalized advertisements, Whatsapp Ads is the best solution.  

Different social network platforms use different algorithms. These algorithms are now stricter than before. For example, if you have 3000 people connected on Facebook, uploaded content will reach to only more or less 150 people. This means if you want to publish an advertisement on Facebook, you need to pay the desired amount to spread it in a particular region. 

Every coin has two sides; the negative side of ad tech is its misuse. Fake advertisements, false service commitments, fake details and images of product, fishing mails, misuse of user’s personal and banking data etc. can robe customers.

In 2018 personal data of Facebook users were used for political advertising purposes, this biggest political scandal is known as Facebook- Cambridge Analytica Scandal. After that many nations have stricken their own online advertisement policies and guidelines. 

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