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As the business world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the role of business leaders becomes imperative in reshaping industries and driving unparalleled success. Amid numerous talented professionals venturing into business leadership and entrepreneurship, only a few manage to stand out as a beacon of inspiration and innovation. Ankur J. Chaudhari (Founder and CEO of Devasya Group, LLC) is a prime example of a modern leader leveraging his astute skillset to lead his company toward growth. 

Ankur is a veteran with 17+ years of experience in IT project management, leading and delivering client-based infrastructure, on-premise to cloud-based LAN/WAN, Zscaler security solutions, data center builds, wireless, and application with aggregate. He has worked on projects with budgets up to $50M and teams as large as 60 resources. Ankur specializes in establishing company delivery, marketing, and sales directives. Moreover, he guides and mentors delivery teams to ensure the timely delivery of client initiatives. 

An Illustrious Portfolio

Ankur’s unwavering passion for excellence reflects in his career journey. He pursued an MBA in Finance from Harvard University, specializing in International Business and Information Technologies. He also holds a plethora of technical certificates including, 

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Cisco Certified Networking
  • Microsoft-MCSE
  • MCTS Windows 10 Configuration 
  • MCITP Windows
  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician Certification 
  • Microsoft- Office Suite Installation and Support
  • AWS Cloud Methodologies

Ankur has excellent relationship skills, which aid him in building communications with diverse teams of people. Working in start-ups as well as large enterprises, Ankur has leveraged his knowledge of high-level project methodologies and management skills to help firms successfully deploy multiple projects across the globe. To this effect, he has managed a 450-person team globally for a Fortune 100 & 500 company. 

Being an innovative technology leader, Ankur implements corporate aspirations for multimillion-dollar project business, launching methodology crucial to securing well-funded corporate contracts while implementing core values into the firm. He has the ability to effectively lead with proven results across multiple lines of business, geographic borders, time zones, and cultures. Thanks to his hands-on experiences with companies like Takeda, Abbott, AON, IBM, Wipro, etc., many industries seek Ankur’s expertise. These industries include healthcare, manufacturing, IT as a Service, Food, Finance, etc. 

Furthermore, Ankur has developed, purchased, and sold three other firms—Sai Techno Group ($9.0M), Global Integrated Networks ($2.0M), and Global Inteli Networks ($2.5 M)—at a substantial profit. Presently, Ankur serves as the Managing Partner and CEO of FLC Infotech, a member of Devasya Group. 

Commitment to Customer Success

FLC Infotech is dedicated to providing the highest-quality information technology services and solutions to its valued clients. Being a member of the esteemed Devasya Group, the company brings years of expertise and experience to the table to offer leading-edge services and solutions.

An unwavering commitment to customer success is at the heart of everything FLC Infotech does. The company’s approach to doing business is built on strong relationships, trust, and adherence to industry best practices. FLC Infotech understands that technology is constantly evolving and stays ahead of the curve by continuously monitoring emerging trends and recommending the most effective, efficient solutions to meet its clients’ specific needs. 

Tailored Staffing Solutions

FLC Infotech provides staffing solutions that are designed to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Its team of experts includes Project Managers, Business Analysts, Network Engineers, Security Analysts and Engineers, VMWare Certified Professionals, etc. With this team, FLC Infotech ensures it has the expertise necessary to deliver the desired results. 

The company understands that the right talent is critical to the success of its clients. That is why it takes time to understand their specific needs and provide tailored staffing solutions that align with their goals. It supports the clients every step of the way—from short-term support for a specific project to ongoing technical resources. 

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Besides staffing solutions, FLC Infotech offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Its offerings include,

  • WAN/LAN Infrastructure 
  • Data center upgrades & migrations
  • Wireless networks & Wi-Fi solutions
  • Network assessments & health checks
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Threat and vulnerability reduction
  • End user device managed services
  • Staffing & expert technical resources
  • Managed service solutions
  • Cloud-based security
  • Data & Email encryption
  • Automated incident response
  • ServiceNow & issue remediation
  • SAP solutions

FLC’s managed services and expert technical resources provide clients peace of mind and a foundation for continued success. The company has the expertise and experience to deliver the perfect results whether the clients want to upgrade their data center, enhance their network security, or streamline their operations.   

Presence across Multiple Industries

Talking about the types of clients FLC Infotech serves, Ankur asserts, “At FLC Infotech, we understand the importance of specialized services to cater to the unique needs of different industries. That’s why we offer a range of verticals for our clients in diverse fields.” The different verticals it serves include Construction & Contracting, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Product Distribution, Retail, Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, etc. 

Each vertical is staffed with experts who have deep industry knowledge and experience. FLC Infotech’s solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry. “Our goal is to help businesses in these verticals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals through innovative and effective technology solutions,” adds Ankur. 

Production, Progress, Profitability

FLC Infotech takes pride in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their objectives through the implementation of innovative and affordable technology solutions. Its diverse client base includes small, medium, and global enterprises. As a leading information technology solutions provider, FLC Infotech also serves as a strategic partner to a diverse range of customers in the Retail, Pharma, Food Services, K-12 Education, Insurance, and Service sectors. The company’s commitment to industry-best practices and a deep understanding of the customers’ functional and operational requirements allows it to deliver innovative solutions that drive production, progress, and profitability. 

Surmounting the Challenges

The past couple of years have been challenging for businesses of all kinds, thanks to the unprecedented pandemic outbreak. With inflation at a 30-year high, FLC Infotech was able to hire quality personnel even with the tech industry cutting back budgets and incurring layoffs. Finding funding to expand hiring and Wall Street cutting back their financial commitments to investment growth in dealmaking to their investment banking partners/customers have been the major challenges for the company of late. “We want to expand operations, but the deal funding has dried up currently,” Ankur mentions. 

The pandemic has also made businesses rethink their strategies and mode of operations. FLC Infotech is disrupting the traditional way of working by adopting the trend of remote working. According to Ankur, this allows the team to have more productivity and access to many more territories at once. He further adds that this is a great asset to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Lucrative Partnerships

FLC Infotech is a Managed Service Provider and Implementation Partner with Crowdstrike and Zscaler. These partnerships enable the company to address the needs of its customers who are saddled with legacy technology that sometimes cannot defend against a cyber-attack. The option of providing cloud-based services from its partners allows the company to succeed as a startup. 

Furthermore, both these partnerships allow FLC Infotech and Ankur to work with two of the most successful companies in the cybersecurity space. “With their support in client acquisition and marketing, we will be able to penetrate various markets such as Financials, Sled, Healthcare, Banking, Higher Education, non-profits, and any other markets that we can build relationships with any targeted clients we want to pursue,” adds Ankur. 

Since FLC Infotech is still in its growth stage, the relationships it has with Crowdstrike and Zscaler are three-year contracts presently. These companies will aid in FLC’s growth, particularly in recruiting and hiring alongside sales and marketing functions. Ankur believes that as the economy regains its footing and capital markets begin a more aggressive approach to a more favorable interest rate, finding funding will be favorable for the company. 


“At FLC Infotech, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality information technology services and solutions to our valued clients.” 

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