Interior Design Trends for 2022

Earlier, interior interior design was limited to temple carvings, public halls, museums, offices, churches, etc.

Automated Machine Learning Will Evolve Actuaries Articles

Data has always been the backbone of any actuarial analysis. From estimating mortality rates, forecasting

COVID - 19, Clients, CRM Tool, And You

COVID – 19, Clients, CRM Tool, And You By Mr. R.S. Maan, Managing Director –

R.S. Mann, Managing Director Codleo Consulting

By Mr. R.S. Maan, Managing Director – Codleo Consulting “be the change you want to

Hibernate in style - Winter decor

The season has begun to change and we stand in autumn, at the brink of

Life Insurance Industry Rushabh Gandhi

The next decade holds a lot of promise for the life insurance industry. The increase

Simple Investment Tips - Security For Your Kids IndiaFirst

As parents, we want to give our children the best that the world has to

Codleo Consulting Salesforce Solution

Codleo Consulting Salesforce Solution Reimagine a world where there is a seamless connection between brands

Unified Services Case Study

Established in 2004, Unified Services is one such organization that embraces Industrial Cloud and rolls

Achieving Financial Inclusion in Insurance

Financial Inclusion is in simple words the availability of financial services to everyone and has

6 Tips for New Entrepreneurs Dan Doyle Pleasantville shares to Be on Top of Their Game

As a new entrepreneur, you are probably wondering what skills you should be developing. You

No-code platforms The common issues companies face and the benefits received when solving them

Programming has been around for several years. However, as with all industry advancements are made

Top Transformational Leaders in India

Transformational leadership is what helps build corporations, societies, and nations at large. India has been

Technology Can Act as a Safety Net to Insurance in India

Insurance by itself is a safety net against risks. Within Insurance, technology plays an important

sustainable finance

Sustainable Finance Investing is taking a step up especially after witnessing the staggering gains as

Electric cars

In the coming times, more and more electric cars will be seen on the roads

New Age Technology- Anjana Rao- Indiafirst Life Insurance

New Age Technology In Fast-Changing Landscape What we witness today is a world that is

Best Side hustles ideas in 2021

Best Side hustles ideas Money is the motivation and a factor of happiness for many.