Top 10 Big Data Trends of 2021

Big Data is an extensive study of large databases to reveal patterns, trends, associations, and

Top Data Analytics companies in 2021

Data Analytics has picked fast recognition and regards among many industries, especially in Banking, Insurance,

Technology Advancements

Technology is something which has everyone’s eyes and attention, as everyone wants a piece of

zomato ipo facts

Zomato is the first online food aggregator to launch an IPO. Based on its IPO,

Most Popular Women on internet

Women are becoming superheroes of today, there is hardly any top ten list in the

Future of Retail Industry

The retail industry has been one of the most necessary and crucial parts of the

History of Google

Many companies and enterprises bring certain products and services that not only changes the way

Top Business magazines

Business magazines fulfill two goals in their purpose to aid and drive a business in

online business from home

Not only these topsy-turvy times, the pandemic and lockdown have pushed us to the corner

What are the characteristics of a mentally strong person

Mentality plays a lot of strong roles in one’s life as without it one cannot

Why business magazines are considered a great source of motivation

It’s not the easiest job being either an employee, entrepreneur or employer especially in these

Green Recovery

Some people in the world are proposing the concept of ‘Green Recovery’. When the first

How often do you look at your mobile phone every day

What was the question? It’s like asking how much or how often you drink water

Interesting psychology Facts

The behavior of people in the world, their way of thinking and understanding, and their

Attitude vs intelligence

People whose intelligence quotient is more, always get appreciation.  After common sense, intelligence is the

Why Intellectual Property Rights are Important

Intellectual property refers to ideas and innovations that are created by individuals. These are very

Theory of Like-mindedness

This Theory of Like-mindedness mentioned below can be used in the field of HR and

Marketing methods used by the casino industry to attract customers- online casinos

The basics of the business model used by online casinos are easy to understand. In