Why business magazines are considered a great source of motivation

Business Magazines – A great source of Motivation It’s not the easiest job being either

Green Recovery

Some people in the world are proposing the concept of ‘Green Recovery’. When the first

How often do you look at your mobile phone every day

What was the question? It’s like asking how much or how often you drink water

Interesting psychology Facts

Interesting Psychology Facts The behavior of people in the world, their way of thinking and

Attitude vs intelligence

Attitude vs Intelligence People whose intelligence quotient is more, always get appreciation.  After common sense,

Why Intellectual Property Rights are Important

Intellectual property rights refers to ideas and innovations that are created by individuals. These are

Theory of Like-mindedness

This Theory of Like-mindedness mentioned below can be used in the field of HR and

Architecture - First taste, then Debates

Architecture – First taste, then Debates Ever since I was in school, I loved watching

Why is the Business Forecasting Important to Business Success

Business Forecasting is an exceedingly important tool and process for any company or business, as

Why is performance measurement important to Business success

Performance Measurement Importance Finding the effectiveness of a particular product or service is a very

telemedicine is the future of healthcare

Telemedicine – Future of Healthcare The year 2020, has not only changed the decade-old methodologies

Lean Principles

The principles and methodologies for the process of manufacturing have always been a hot topic

Are OTT platforms turning into garbage cans

Are OTT platforms turning into garbage cans? Last year when we all got locked in

Why Digital Transformation is necessary for your Company in 2021

Digital Transformation Necessity The onset of 2021, brought with it many realizations, solutions, stirred up

David Daneshgar poker Player BloomNation

Never Show All Your Cards – BloomNation As it is said success becomes the end

5 reasons to install a smart ventilation system

Smart Ventilation System – With the ever-growing concerns regarding the environment and human health conditions

Are Business Magazines Still Relevant

Business Magazines Relevancy No matter where you go, if you are asked to wait, the

protect business from cyber attacks

Technological advancements have many far-reaching effects from aiding our lives for the betterment of advancing