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Best Performing NetSuite/Oracle Solution Provider

Best Performing NetSuite/Oracle Solution Provider features,

FreightPop is a cloud-based software founded in 2015 with its base of operations in Lake Forest, California. The company was founded with a vision – “To Simplify and Streamline the Logistics experience for Manufacturers, Distributors, E-commerce, and 3PL’s by reducing Friction and Connecting Systems for a Seamless and Optimal Supply Chain.”

FreightPoP makes logistics simple with one log-in for all transportation management, including inbound and outbound freight management across parcel, LTL, FTL, ocean, and international air. 

FreightPOP offers unmatched and seamless integration into their client’s current tech stack (ERP, WMS, CRM), Their services offer high configuration capabilities to existing workflows and processes. 

They hold connections to over 300+ carriers, ERP, WMS, and rate marketplaces, getting the best rates and optimizing shipping processes. This allows them to offer their clients best-in-class services with ease and fool proof precision.

SoftClouds began its journey in 2005, with a core mission – “To guide companies through their CRM/CX digital transformation”. They planned to achieve their mission by offering innovative, creative, & consultative solutions.

What makes them one of the leading and sought-after solution providers in the industry is their client-oriented vision. They make sure that their team understands the client’s vision and goals. This enables them to provide innovative solutions, that incorporate the latest technology, that yields successful results, effective value, and a fluid transformation.

They have deployed technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industries from Transportation to HealthCare, Manufacturing to Automotive. The team comprises seasoned experts and highly experienced personnel, thriving on innovation to deliver next-generation solutions that optimize customer experiences. The team was honoured with the most prestigious & coveted “Company of the Year – Stevie Gold Winner Award” in 2020.

These factors along with the company’s core values and striving for perfection mentality has made SoftClouds, a trusted business advisor, which recommends solutions that best fit your businesses. 

Since inception in 1991, Harbour Mastery Inc.’s focus has been to provide impeccable logistics support, making sure their solutions exceed client’s expectations every time. As there are multiple modes of transport, the scheduling, and communications among the complex web of inter-connected responsible agencies supporting the supply chain is difficult. For example, take a single product produced in a town in India bound for a consumer in Zambia.

Scheduling the shipping alone may involve trucking, rail, air, and vessels via private, public and/or commercial carriers. This will involve passage through terminals, storage depots and clearances through customs before it reaches the consumer. At each node along the way, the number of supporting agencies involved will likely number from several to a dozen or more. Harbour Mastery Inc caters to this problem by providing start-to-end logistic solutions.

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