Best-selling Author Lindi Tardif Releases Debut Fiction Work “Rookie”

New book focuses on combatting endemic gaming industry discrimination, harassment and hate

MERCER ISLAND, WASH., UNITED STATES, February 18, 2022 / — Number one international best-selling author Lindi Tardif announced the launch of her new fiction book, “Rookie,” available on Amazon today. It is Tardif’s second book release and her first fiction novel.

In “Rookie,” avid gaming enthusiast Jane Jackson is overjoyed when she receives an offer to
work for a multibillion-dollar gaming company. But her experience quickly turns sour when she finds herself caught up in a hostile corporate world awash with gross mismanagement, discrimination and the prioritization of profit over humanity. “Rookie” takes readers on a thrilling, drama-filled ride along Jane’s journey.

At first blush, the story appears to be just about one Black woman’s story in Big Tech, but “Rookie” delivers so much more than that. It lets readers in on how workplaces like Gaming impact the development of games and maintenance of gaming platforms available to us today.

As of today, almost all teenagers and half of the adult population in the U.S. play video games. But even though games are so popular, discrimination and hatred in the form of misogyny, racism, anti-religious minority and anti-LGBTQ+ community sentiment runs rampant in the gaming experience world. The recent news on Activision Blizzard being sued due to its “frat boy” culture of harassment is indicative of how a level of hatred has inundated gaming as an industry.

Tardif, a second-generation lawyer and former Big Tech employee turned tech entrepreneur, was inspired to write this fictional book based on the real culture of gaming and hate because she is a parent to kids of school going age who have experienced harassment and been subjected to offensive language by gamers perpetuating a culture of hatred online.

As someone who lived under South Africa’s racially oppressive apartheid regime for 20 years and suffered the murder of her civil rights attorney dad because of violence engendered by hatred, Tardif says she “felt compelled to write a story that would peel back the layers on the gaming industry-wide ailment in an effort to combat it and ignite a conversation about what steps the tech companies are taking to ensure that they are a diverse, welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of background.”

Tardif continued, “I grew up in South Africa under a racially oppressive regime and now live in the U.S. where the ideal of equality and justice for all is yet to be fully realized. Like my forebears who sacrificed their all to usher in a society founded on equality and justice, I’m committed to doing everything I can to move America forward on its ‘equality and justice for all’ quest. When George Floyd was murdered at the hands of the police in 2020, I shared proposals on how the criminal justice system can be reformed to make it more just and equitable. Though fictional, ‘Rookie’ engages the reader’s imagination on this front with respect to the tech industry.”

To purchase the best-selling book, visit For more information about Tardif and her memoire, “Daughter of Apartheid,” go to


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