WhatsApp Updated with New Interesting Features

From waking up in a bed till going to a bed we are habitual to checkout WhatsApp several times a day. A Facebook-owned messaging app has come up with new interesting features that are definitely going to enhance the user experience.

WhatsApp has upgraded time to time with different and interesting new features that attracted people from all over the world. As the user doesn’t need to pay any cost for using this messaging app, it is widely popular in all age groups.

Now WhatsApp has come up with some more interesting new features

While one already talking on a call and someone calls, only the ring continues without picking up a call but now WhatsApp has added call waiting facility that is going to help people a lot. Also, WhatsApp is about to add a call on hold feature very soon.

Privacy is the main thing for which everyone always worries. Now WhatsApp has added a fingerprint unlock function to open an app. While many phones have already an encryption function that allows adding a fingerprint lock to any app. So, this update might not get people’s appreciation.

Many smartphone brands had complained about WhatsApp that the app uses a lot of battery to operate. Whatsapp upgraded different modes that minimize the use of phones battery.

WhatsApp groups and especially family groups are the most hectic ones for many people. Before anyone could join you in a WhatsApp group. It was really hectic being in unwanted groups and due to maintaining healthy relationships with other group members one couldn’t get out of the group. Many stranger groups, commercial advertisement groups are also very disturbing. Finally, an upgrade that tech people were demanding for has come into reality. Now you can decide who can add you to the group! This update from WhatsApp is going to have a big appreciation as people were demanding it.

We hope that WhatsApp will keep updating itself to give a more enhanced user experience.

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