70% of India lives in Villages – what we call Bharat. Much of primary healthcare is carried out by Rural Health providers. Our objective is to connect with these Rural health providers using technology platform


Our Research points to a large presence of RHP’s in catering needs of primary healthcare of Rural Bharat.

It is estimated that minimum 750 to 1000 RHPs are present in every district and in state like UP there are more than 125000 RHPs catering 15 Cr population while there are 69000 Qualified Doctors – most of these are located and catering urban population

Even though there are close to 3500 PHC’s in UP, the first point of contact for any primary illness will remain with RHP. Since most population are daily wage earners – they prefer to treat their ailments early in the morning or late in the evening after their day’s work. Visit to PHC means loss of a day’s wage and so it is only when the illness becomes more acute or critical.


IPM is over 1,00,000 Cr and it is estimated that over 25% of this market is for established brands. Most of these brands are prescribed by RHPs.

Most pharma business models – sales & distribution have visibility up to a max of Tier 2 / 3 markets.

Multiple studies revealed that lack of Presence of larger companies in these markets & non-engagement with RHPs and Distribution channel makes it challenging for the public to have access of quality medication and a risk of being supplied with Spurious or substandard medicines


Most RHPs practice is experience-based and usage of therapies like oral/injectable steroids, antibiotics etc. is very high

The side effects of such usage habits leading to increase of diseases like Diabetes, CVD etc.

It is important to bring awareness among RHPs about newer methods of giving safe medications like nebulizers, inhalation and provide them with Treatment initiation packs


1. Meeting these RHPs is a huge challenge as they do not practice at fixed locations

2. Change in their belief shift takes time and effort


Understanding RHPs purchase points, influencers & operating model is critical in reaching them

Most RHPs visit and use services of Authorised Hub Pharmacies as their supply points and have “Credit Transactions” to facilitate procurement of medicines and other product to effectively treat rural patients. Each of the Hub Pharmacies caters to 40 to 60 RHPs.

Understanding and Mapping these potential Villages & RHPs with these Hub Pharmacies is critical

Hub Pharmacies and pharmacists becomes a point of information and using audiovisual medium – can reach RHPs. All activities need to be conducted at Hub Pharmacies level & Baseline usage/practice and belief shifts of RHPs can be understood tracked.


GoApptiv has been working in these markets for the past 3 years and have insights of over 9000 Hub Pharmacies Rural wholesale pharmacies who caters to RHPs and markets

Our digital platforms such as Channelitix and Channel paisa digitally connects with these Hub Pharmacies/ Rural wholesale pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies and Healthcare Organizations use these products to improve supply of quality medicines to RHPs.

Built a digital eco-system called ConnectOD where we systemically deliver information & practice related programs to RHPs through our certified rural healthcare suppliers.


Build a digital eco-system where we can systemically deliver information & practice related programs to RHPs

Connect the digital ecosystem that helps the RHPs for better diagnostics of disease and help decision to cure ailment.

Deliver Treatment initiation and Therapy assistance packs & audiovisual content to bring a change in treatment approach of RHPs

Sreeram Venkitaraman & Rajasekhar Parcha

(Sreeram and Rajasekhar are co-founders of GoApptiv Private limited, both have extensive experience for more than 2 decades in Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare market and formed this organisation to bring drive quality medical access to rural India.)

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