Costco now offering virtual medical care for $29

Costco Members Can Now Access Virtual Medical Care for $29 | The Enterprise World

Costco members can get an online doctor appointment for less than the price of six rotisserie chickens – still $4.99 after more than a decade.

In a blog post published on Monday, the New York-based startup Sesame announced its partnership with the retail “members only” behemoth to provide Costco members with virtual primary care for $29 throughout all 50 states.

Virtual checkups, which cost $72 and include a typical lab panel and a virtual follow-up with a doctor, as well as virtual mental health consultations are among the medical services that can be found via a link on the Costco Pharmacy’s homepage.

Sesame said that its customers are individuals without insurance and those with high deductibles who must pay cash. To keep costs down, it doesn’t accept health insurance.

David Goldhill, co-founder and CEO of Sesame, said: “The Costco brand is known for quality, amazing value, and cheap pricing. When it comes to healthcare, Sesame also offers good quality, excellent value, and a reasonable cost that Costco Members will love when it comes to their own care.

Costco made the decision to do so, joining other significant retailers in doing so. Walmart Inc. operates in-store medical clinics, while Amazon offers 24/7 remote access to outside healthcare providers.

Costco Members Can Now Access Virtual Health Checkups

Special discount pricing

In a move that will make diverse medical care available to the retailer’s members, Costco Wholesale is collaborating with a startup.

On Monday, Costco and Sesame, the firm they are collaborating with, announced their alliance. According to a news release, the business would offer “special discount pricing” for services listed on its online healthcare marketplace.

Costco estimated that there were approximately 124.7 million cardholders worldwide as of the end of May.

Standard lab panel, plus a virtual follow-up consultation

Sesame’s marketplace comprises “primary care doctors and nurse practitioners, more than 40 health specialties, labs, and imaging centers, and is inclusive of both virtual and in-person care,” the business claimed.

According to Sesame, the offer is offered to Costco customers all around the nation.

Costco customers may find virtual primary care, health screenings, and virtual mental health therapy among the services available on the platform. The business has set the costs for these services at $29, $72, and $79, respectively. A “standard lab panel, plus a virtual follow-up consultation with a provider,” according to Sesame, are included in the health examination.

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