Jan Trinkl- SEP

The IT space has been ever-expanding and the companies in the domain are providing revolutionary

James McGriff- Peniel Solutions, LLC

Peniel Solutions, LLC (PSL) is a software engineering and records management company focused on technology solutions

devajeet singh, Conversion Perk

The smartphone industry in India is now a growing market with around 70 percent of

Geraint Waters- Provar

The rapid growth of services and products in the global world has left companies with

David Saedi- WinnowPro

The shift of consumer buying behaviors and development of new products and services within the

Matt Lepkowski- Business Automation Experts

In this changing modern era, technology has become an important part of human life, no

Lt Cl VS Velan- Elena Geo Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming increasingly important in larger cities and are more secure than

Ahmad Moradi- CEO- Netstairs

Have you ever thought, we will get locked in our homes for more than a

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ

The Food and beverage industry has been one of the most looked upon and valued

Pankaj Jha- ZeroMiles Technologies Services

The worldwide epidemic 2020 has shown us the times we never imagined of. Colossal gratitude

Harish B V Unocoin

Amid the Corona crisis, the demand and price of cryptocurrency – a virtual currency, have

Bhawna Khanna- Studio Astrid

Becoming an entrepreneur is opting for a new life altogether, and living the life of

Srividya Puppala- Ensconce Business Process Consulting

The significant lift in the digitized economy has engaged business visionaries and organizations to grow

Avijit Ghosh- Nest Innovative Solutions

Let’s face it, everything changed on 31st December 2019 when WHO was informed formally of

Sudhindra Bhat- SS Law

A law fundamentally gives a system to people, to live respectively in an obliged way.

Emma Dickison- Home Helpers

Because of the growing need for in-home care, providers must constantly innovate in order to

Rajesh Saboo- Ideas 4 Transformation

An organization inclined towards offering innovative solutions to various large & small retailers, shopping malls,

Mark Rekveld- Marvelution

The latest trends and developments in the technological world are full of hidden potential and

Eiji Uda- Unified Services Co, Ltd.

The IT sector has witnessed exponential development and this sudden growth demanded innovation and also

Josette Fleszar- Jigsaw Interactive

As technology continues to allow more efficiencies, and its effectiveness has been confirmed, companies and