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Most Promising Digital Health Solution Providers in 2022

Most Promising Digital Health Solution Providers in 2022 features,

CliniOps is a Technology and Data Science company for the Life Science Industry. The company helps Pharma and Biotech companies to conduct Clinical Trials (Hybrid & DCT trials) that makes drug trials accessible, inclusive, faster, and cheaper. The technology platform leverages AI, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Sensors and Connected Devices. CliniOps Unified Technology platform offers seamless trial conduct across site-visit, tele-visit, home-visit, lab-visit and more, including data collection from wearables and connected devices. 

The company also offers comprehensive data services to augment the in-house team, of the sponsors and CROs, throughout study start-up, study conduct and study closeout phases. CliniOps offers a comprehensive study setup service. Their customized services are designed to help you configure your trials more efficiently. The platform will not only complement your internal team to achieve your goals but will also ensure transparency and collaboration throughout the duration of your trial. 

Statum Systems is a healthcare technology start-up founded by healthcare professionals in the Boston medical community. Concerned about the fragmented state of medical communication systems in hospitals and medical centres, and especially with the continued use of traditional pagers and other single purpose applications and devices that require care team members to constantly juggle from one system to another. 

To address the issue, Statum Systems created a unified medical communications & collaboration (UCC) platform, StatumHEALTHtm, that simplifies workflows for care team members with a focus on improved patient care.

In an interview with The Enterprise World- 

Hyprevention was founded in France in 2010, to develop innovative implantable medical devices for the orthopaedic surgery in order to address bone fragility. The idea of bone reinforcement came from Orthopaedic Surgeons. Seeing more and more elderly people coming to their hospitals for hip fracture treatments and any osteoporotic fractures due to aging and growing population, they think on developing unique solutions. After studying the market opportunity and project feasibility, the surgeons and I have created the company together.

USHC was founded in 2003 by myself and Dr. Raymond Gavery, MD. While I was pioneering self funding and onsite healthcare and leveraging IT in the industrial arena, Dr. Gavery was pioneering onsite and near site clinics and predictive health. Our unique combination of the same principles from different angles made for a highly productive approach. Within a few short months we launched one the first online health portals in 2003, our Personal Health Dashboard. The PHD combines DNA, biometrics, medical and Rx claims, demographic, wearable, lifestyle  and payroll data in our Health Risk Assessment, which when added to lifestyle data is the predictive model for the member.

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