Director, Legal and Associate General Counsel at Ionis James Arnold Jr. Joins Halen’s Board of Advisors

James Arnold Jr

Halen super-app adds new board member attorney James Arnold Jr. The super app that simplifies services continues to grow in preparation for launch.

Halen has boldly gone where no app has gone before, utilizing its proprietary technology to offer a multitude of localized user experiences for a broad range of end uses.”
— James Arnold

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2022 / — Halen Technologies (Halen) is proud to announce a new member to the board of advisors, attorney James Arnold; Who will serve as legal counsel and provide his expertise on business operations to support the executive team at Halen.

With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Arnold possesses in-depth industry knowledge and has offered significant leadership and legal oversight for various enterprises throughout his remarkable professional career. In his current position, Mr. Arnold serves as a director as well as legal and general counsel at Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc., the world’s leading RNA-targeted drug discovery and development company. In addition to his professional background, Mr. Arnold is a lifelong learner and obtains degrees from various esteemed universities.

About Halen Technologies:
Halen is a service-based application that aims to merge convenience services such as ridesharing, vacation planning, as well as food, retail, and grocery delivery. Think of it as a super-app to have all your services a click away on a single platform. The super-app model aims to simplify the user experience and centralize multiple services with one login and one-time payment. Halen also uses artificial intelligent and machine learning to further understand consumer needs and continually improve the user experience.

Another innovative feature about Halen is that it uses a franchise-based business model to manage cost control and remain hyper-local. This works by franchisees sharing a percentage of their revenue in exchange for exclusive rights to operate in a specific area. Halen wants to have a better community relationship than its competitors.

In today’s environment of public suspicion, gaining and maintaining public consent to operate has become a major concern for most businesses. Managers are advised to initiate community outreach programs in areas consistent with their company DNA.

For example, a company which produces or sells sports gear should think about “adopting” a school and contributing to the school’s sports department or perhaps donate gear to a neighborhood football team.

Initiatives such as these can boost a company’s image in the eyes of the public who are potential customers. It is for this reason that a company uses these PR tactics. The company develops relationships to help foster its good name while the community receives support from its initiatives.

Communities also appreciate the fact that they can rely on corporations to assist in community
development programs: after all, the community was there before the business and sees it only fair to reap some of the benefits.

Halen wants to bring something new to the gig economy and believes that its convergence model will change the way customers use service-based applications. The technology space continues to evolve and Halen plans to be a pioneer in this new digital wave.

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Halen Technologies Inc
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