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Peter Dobler CEO Dobler Consulting

For a workspace that is continuously evolving, acclimatizing to the new digital reforms, database forms the base for all operations. And data management systems help prevent any kind of breaches in it. Managing security, optimization, and DR can be a hassle for many companies.

Led by Peter Dobler, Dobler Consulting has exactly what you need to ensure data continuity and maximize team productivity.

Dobler Consulting The Journey-

Dobler Consulting is a database services and information technology company that provides a wide spectrum of world-class solutions to clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, media services, healthcare, transportation and financial services.

Peter Dobler started Dobler Consulting in the year 2008 with a mission to help the companies ensure data continuity. Today, the organization employs a team of 55 engineers, technicians, salespersons and support personnel at their main office in Florida.

This team specializes in helping clients maximize their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase database technologies. Serving as a trusted data consulting partner, Dobler Consulting experts provide architectural and high availability design reviews, implementation assistance, performance tuning and load balancing expertise, product training, ongoing support and preventative maintenance.

Our mantra has always been to bring enterprise-level database support to businesses of any size. With our database support services, we take care of our clients’ environment, data, backups, and security.

The Products and Services-

With more than 200 years of combined experience, Dobler Consulting has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of database services for everything from massive enterprise-level deployments to small startup businesses. Our expertise runs the full range of database platforms and applications, including: SAP, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop.

From consulting and managed services to special projects and license management, Dobler Consulting is your source for reliable database services and support. Their clients—ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and startups—trust them to design, develop and deploy their vital database systems, as well as keep them secured, monitored and running smoothly.

Their services include-

Database Assessment

Dobler Consulting provides database evaluations to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Once their professional team of certified engineers completes your assessment, they present you with a report that provides a clear picture of your current situation, as well as a roadmap of action items for making upgrades and improvements. If necessary, the company will also schedule future consultations to address ongoing issues and put into place a plan for success.

Database Managed Services

Organizations are more data reliant than ever before, and keeping their database reliable, available and accessible is of the utmost importance. But, hiring and retaining the DBA staff necessary to service your database can be a huge expense.

With SpectrumDB® database managed services, Dobler Consulting alleviates the burden of monitoring and maintaining your database to deliver peace of mind and make your internal database team more efficient and effective.

Database Consulting

Your database is a virtual extension of your business. You must be diligent about keeping it secure, properly maintained and running at optimum performance to stay competitive. But with increasing data demands, evolving cyber security threats and emerging technological innovations, you need a partner that can help plan and implement database strategies that keep you moving forward with confidence.

With Dobler Consulting your database can become a more secure, powerful and reliable asset. As a leader in database consulting services, Dobler Consulting supports all leading database systems, including SAP, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop.


Dobler ensures your data infrastructure is built on a foundation that meets the unique demands of your organization.


Dobler Consulting will efficiently port your data to a new system, then run testing to ensure optimal stability and performance.


Whether you require short-term tuning assistance or a longer-term performance optimization, Dobler Consulting has you covered.

Why Choose Dobler Consulting?

  • Your in-house IT team has knowledge gaps or staffing issues
  • You’re experiencing frequent technical issues or database disruptions
  • Your database has become so complex that you can no longer maintain it internally
  • You have a major new database project or initiative coming up
  • Your database requires 24/7/365 monitoring, service and support
  • You need assistance with database license management and compliance issues
  • Your forecasted growth requires rapid expansion of your database systems
  • You are seeking to gain greater insight and value from your organization’s data
  • You require temporary assistance or extra coverage during times of high volume

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