Domino’s to Shutter Down its Business

Domino’s Pizza Group Plc which is the franchise of US Based Domino’s Pizza Inc.

Pizza loving people from four countries are going to miss the mouth-watering taste of Domino’s Pizzas as the biggest pizza company is going to Shutter Down its Business.

Domino’s to Shutter Down its Business in four countries due to disappointing performances in the market. The biggest British pizza delivery company dominos is about to shutter down their business in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Domino’s CEO, David Wild stated that “Although the financial results have stabilized, the performance of our international business remains disappointing … We have concluded that, while they represent attractive markets, we are not the best owners of these businesses. The board has therefore decided to exit the markets in an orderly manner.”

Domino’s Pizza Group Plc which is the franchise of US Based Domino’s Pizza Inc. operates a business in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland and owns a minority stake in German operations.

Company stated that “We have begun a process to identify new owners for each of the businesses, with the intention of the Domino’s brand continuing in all four.”

International Economic crisis is one of the reasons for this Domino’s closer. While the company has stated that they are in search of a new CEO.

As per the company’s announcement, the closer process will not harm routine business process till the closer.    

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