Dr. Anthony J. Rhem Joins Halens Advisory Board


New board member will enhance focus on Halen’s AI/ML best practice and strengthen innovation

I strongly believe Halen represents a unique value proposition in the app-based services delivery industry. The vision represents the next generation of AI to bring a personalized user experience.”
— Dr. Anthony J. Rhem

WASHINGTON, DC, US, January 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ride share, groceries, restaurants and more are all found and ordered via a variety of apps. This means mobile users must have one app for each service. This clutters the mobile, is bulky, eats memory and can slow processing speeds.

The Halen app is designed to do the work of all of these apps and more but in a single, unified app. Users will no longer need to switch from app to app for their specific needs. All that is necessary is the Halen app.

As part of their growth and upcoming release, Halen has been bringing in a variety of experts as advisors and consultants for the app. Their most recent member to join is Anthony (Tony) Rhem. Rhem is a successful business owner, A.I. specialist and tech investor. His addition to the team as an advisor is going to ensure that the Halen app reaches successes that many other apps have failed to reach.

Rhem has been in the technology industry since 1990 and runs two successful research firms in Chicago, Ill., and Charlotte, N.C. His previous experience includes Fortune 500 companies in a variety of different areas as well as work with government from the federal down to the local level. He also has extensive experience working as a military contractor.

His role as advisor comes from his extensive understanding of VC and investment firms for technology.

Rhem said, in part, “I strongly believe that Halen represents a unique value proposition in the app-based goods/services delivery industry. The Halen vision represents the next generation of AI to bring a personalized user experience.”

Halen founder and CEO, Edward Mbeche, is exceptionally pleased and excited to have Rhem joining the Halen team.

“I have been looking hard for a decent A.I. specialist that not only meets our vision but complements the strengths and supports the weaknesses of the current team. I struck gold when I found Rhem. He was a perfect fit from the moment I spoke with him. There is no doubt that with Rhem on Halen that the vision I set out to accomplish will come to full fruition,” said Mbeche.

Additional information about Halen app is on the website. Go to www.gethalen.com for details, downloads and updates.

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