Former WA State Trooper Robert LaMay Joins Jerrod Sessler Campaign

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Former State Trooper who resigned over vaccine mandates endorses and joins the Jerrod Sessler campaign.

The fourth district of Washington State will not find a better candidate to replace the traitor Dan Newhouse. It is time to elect Jerrod Sessler for Congress.”
— Robert LaMay

PROSSER, WASHINGTON, USA, January 12, 2022 / — The Jerrod Sessler for Congress campaign is proud to welcome former Washington State Trooper Robert LaMay to the team.

Mr. Lamay took the hearts of Americans by storm when he resigned from his position as a State Trooper because he refused to succumb to the mandates enforced upon him by a constitutionally over-extended Governor.

An article in the Washington Post described his final sign off this way:

“At the end of his final shift as a trooper with the Washington State Patrol, Robert LaMay reached for his radio.
In a parting message broadcast across the agency’s dispatch system, he announced that he was “being asked to leave because I am dirty,” referring to his defiance of the state’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for government employees. The 22-year veteran thanked his colleagues — and offered some choice words for the governor.
“This is the last time you’ll hear me in a state patrol car,” said LaMay, 50, who recorded his remarks. “And Jay Inslee can kiss my a–.”
With that, he dropped the radio. Staring into the camera, he said, “That’s it.””

Robert’s courageous stand has resonated with thousands of people around the country facing similar situations. He was interviewed on FOX News and dozens of other media outlets and became an overnight media sensation.

Robert has never willingly sought the limelight. His aim has always been to serve our nation and to protect freedom. Now, Robert has found the person with the character and fortitude to stand beside him in his fight. Robert will be heading the anti-human trafficking task force commissioned by Jerrod Sessler to bring not just awareness but action to fight sex trafficking in Washington State and across the US.

In his endorsement of Jerrod, LaMay writes:

“Jerrod also shares my passion for fighting human trafficking — a scourge on our society and state that has largely been ignored by politicians in power, many of whom are involved in it themselves and do not want it to go away. Jerrod has already visited the Southern Border, assessing the situation and dangers to our nation and the thousands of women and children being trafficked across it. This is a fight in which I will stand shoulder to shoulder with him. “

In his response to LaMay’s endorsement, Jerrod Sessler said:

“Robert LaMay is a patriot, a red-blooded American, and a fighter for the Constitutional freedoms our founding fathers sacrificed so much for. Part of the reason for the tremendous growth of human trafficking in the US is our open and vulnerable Southern Border across which women and children are trafficked like cattle. The Border wall must be built and sensible immigration practices enforced. Robert and I will not be intimidated by those in power who do not want this ancient social evil eradicated. He has my full support and backing in this endeavor both now and when I am in Congress.”

Jerrod Sessler is running for Congress against Representative Dan Newhouse of Washington’s fourth District, who voted for the Trump impeachment, the partisan January 6th commission, and, H.R. 550 – a $400M application to track American’s vaccination status. Sessler’s work on Election Integrity, Border Security, Parental rights, and the protection of Constitutional rights against pervasive Leftist policies have won him the support of other America First stalwarts like General Michael Flynn, Trump-endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, Wisconsin State Senator Amanda Chase, and Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona SOS Mark Finchem.

To support Jerrod or to find out more about his campaign, visit the campaign website at the link provided below.

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