8 Free Apps to make your Smartphone even Smarter

Smartphone and Smart Apps that make your smartphone smarter is a never-ending love story. Every day, there is something new, something upgraded, something advanced in the world of smartphones. There is a never-ending series of apps that actually make your smartphone smarter than its inbuilt features. It costs a couple hundred of bucks to get best in industry smartphones, but there are several free apps available on Play Store/ i-Store.

It may be difficult sometimes, to choose perfect app from thousands of available resources. Even if they are free, you need to invest your time to check if the services are perfect according to your requirement. We searched many apps from different directories, and found some of them that can be useful for your phone. And below are our favorites:

AppLock :

Privacy has become prime concern, when it comes to electronic gadgets. If you are working and use same phone for professional use, then it is important to protect your personal app data. AppLock is the best secured app. Currently used in 50 countries and in 45 different languages, it has 50 Million+ users worldwide. User can protect the app and personal data using pattern locks, PIN locks or fingerprint scans based on smartphone features. And the best thing is this app can be put hidden, so that unknown user doesn’t get hold of your information.

Download : Applock

SleepCycle :

What if there is an app, which tracks your sleep. It reminds you the exact time need of sleep and gives you detailed data about deep sleep and based on it uses Smart Alarm System. Well, there is already such kind of available, Sleep Cycle. Basically it consists of Sleep Aid, Smart Alarm, Sleep Analyzer and Snore Detector. It has more than 5 Million users globally. It even has option of storytelling that will help you catch your sleep faster.

Download : SleepCycle

Clue :

Designed specifically for women, CLUE is a period tracker app used to track the menstrual cycle. The important thing about this app is, it is cured by expert doctors. It has 15 Million+ downloads across the globe. As said by developers, it is not just a period tracker app, it is a complete package of a woman’s menstrual hygiene. Apart from the menstrual calendar and symptoms feature, it has additional features like ovulation tracker, fertility tracker, birth control tracker, etc. It gives you forecast and analysis reports, health reports.

Download: Clue

Pocket Casts :

As podcasts have clinched second position in the race of interactive content modes, Pocket Casts is marketed as the most powerful podcast platform. With 1 Million+ active users, Pocket Casts provides next gen listening and discovery tools. Attractive designs, themes, best quality hearing experience, and with smart tools such as Filter, Sync, Cloud Storage etc., Pocket Casts is an useful app that every podcast lover should have in his smartphone.

Download: Pocket Casts


Staying together, Connecting with each other has become necessity of our life. How can our smartphones be an exception for this? IFTTT (If This Then That) connects your apps together to create a never seen exciting experience. It connects 600+ different apps including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Dropbox and several other devices like Home by Google, Alexa by Amazon etc.  User can connect apps, and actually hear what’s happening outside. Social Media, Groceries, Medical, News and Media any field of your interest can be controlled using this path braking app, which surely make your smartphone smarter than others.

Download: IFTTT


There are large numbers of apps that are related to Camera, Photos, Images, Editing etc. So, when we were searching for innovative camera app, Picai was our best choice. It is an AI based Camera app, that automates your clicking and editing experience. Developed in Singapore, Picai has more than 100K users on Android Play Store. With only one filter selection, user can automate further camera and editing features.

Download : Picai

Google Duo

COVID-19 pandemic is changing definitions of being together. If you are looking for best quality of video calls along with group calls (Members as much as 12 participants), then Google Duo must be your first choice. Developed by Google Inc., Google Duo has more than 100 Million downloads on play store. User can connect Android and Apple users with this app. Not only video calling, Google Duo gives you best experience for voice calling, voice messages, text messages, low light calling etc.

Download: Google Duo


Just like, Camera apps, there are multiple options available, if you want to choose best fitness app. It is termed as Walking and Running app for health and fitness features. User can track their steps, calculate calorie loss, set walking/ running goals etc. The smart bands like FitBit, and MyFitnessPal can be connected with this app to work smoother. But, even if you don’t have these gadgets you can just put your smartphone with you, and the app will work smoother. It has around 10 Million downloads globally. It even consists of exciting features like group tasks, Powerful fitness and health plans, plan for health habits etc.

Download: Pacer

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