CORONAVIRUS: In the last 24 hours 74,228 new corona infections detected in 212 countries!

The number of corona patients is constantly increasing. In the last 24 hrs, 74,228 new coronavirus(Covid19) cases have been detected in 212 countries. The number of deaths has risen to 3,403. More than 4.2 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus so far, according to Worldometer. Of these, 287137 people have died. Also, 1526975 people have been released from corona infection and returned to their homes. About 73 percent of corona patients worldwide are in just ten countries. The number of coronavirus patients in these countries has reached nearly 31 million.

About one-third of all patients worldwide have been diagnosed in the United States only. Nearly a third of all deaths occur in the United States. After the United States, England is witnessing the greatest devastation of the corona. 32,065 people have died in England. The total number of corona cases in England has reached 223,060. The number of corona-infected patients in England is lower than in Spain. This is followed by Russia, France, Germany, Turkey, Iran, China, Brazil, and Canada.

The number of corona patients in Spain, Italy, England, and Russia has crossed 200 thousand. In addition, there are six countries where more than one million people are infected. There are a total of 3086000 corona cases in these 10 countries including the United States. In addition to the United States, there has been a rapid increase in corona cases in Russia and Brazil.

There are five countries (USA, Spain, Italy, France, and the UK) where more than 25,000 people have died. The death toll in the United States has crossed 81,000. China has dropped out of the list of top-10 corona-affected countries.

US: Total patients 1,385,834, total deaths 81,795

Spain: Total patients 268,143, total deaths 26,744

England: Total patients 223,060, total deaths 32,065

Russia: Total patients 221,344, total deaths 2,009

Italy: Total patients 219,814, total deaths 30,739

France: Total patients 177,423, total deaths 26,643

Germany: Total patients 172,576, total deaths 7,661

Brazil: Total patients 169,143, total deaths 11,625

Turkey: Total patients 139,771, total death 3,841

Iran: Total patients 109,286, Total deaths 6,685

China: Total patients 82,918, Total deaths 4,633

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