Infineon Introduced the Dual-Channel High-Side MOSFET Gate Driver EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2022 / — Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM, a smart gate driver with an SPI interface that is a perfect match for Infineon’s 80/100V OptiMOS MOSFETs.

This smart, dual-channel high-side gate driver 2ED4820-EM can tolerate negative Vbat voltages as low as -90V and positive voltages as high as +105V, making it an excellent choice for switching high-current loads in a 48V board net. This new device is ideal for high-current applications such as battery protection switches, input protection switches, and static load and supply switches.

This new gate driver includes a current sense amplifier for measuring the high or low side. Because the battery management system’s existing shunt resistor can be used, the low-side measurement reduces cost, PCB space, and overall power dissipation. With the two integrated output channels, you can control a dedicated pre-charge path or separate the battery’s charging and discharging current paths, reducing PCB space and overall cost.

Features –

Gate Undervoltage lock-out
One bidirectional high or low-side analog current sense interface with configurable gain
1 A pull-down, 0.3 A pull up for fast switch off/on
Device control, configuration, and diagnostic via SPI
Two independent high-side gate driver outputs
Low supply current in sleep mode IBAT_Q < 5 µA
Extended supply voltage range: 20 – 70 V
Safe state mode (both channels OFF) activated by the direct input pin
Supports back-to-back MOSFET topologies (common drain and common source)
Configurable overcurrent/short circuit protection
Ground loss detection

Applications –

Input protection switch
Battery protection switch
Static load and supply switch for high currents

Price and Availability –

The PRO-SIL ISO26262-ready 2ED4820-EM gate driver is now in production. Furthermore, an evaluation board and a reference board equipped with the EiceDRIVER APD 2ED4820-EM are available to speed up the design-in process.
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