Linguido, Alan Kashkash, CEO

Often language creates an effect on the way that an individual thinks and speaks. Language

Kevin Steer - 121 Advisor

The Insurance and Finance sector witnessed major changes in the past two years. There have

Sumit Sengar - Sparx IT Solutions

If a business still waiting for getting situations normal, it might be holding its growth

Kirti Chandel - WooHoo

AI, Automation is the future and its initial applications have already left us mesmerized. These

Brad Sugars- actionCOACH

The right education and coaching are some of the most critical factors for any entrepreneur

S Velan Rao- Elena Geo Systems

Businesses in the navigation sector are expanding their wings in every business vertical, whether it

Sumit Sengar- Sparx IT Solutions

The gaining momentum in the IT space has called for specialists in the field who

hermit chawla- bhoomi chawla, sprak design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it

raj kapoor, Rijuven India

Unprecedented progress has been made in the Telemedicine sector in this era of digital technology.

Guru Murthy- Processware Systems

Every business sector across the globe is at the cusp of the digital revolution. While

GeTS - Global eTradeServices

As global trade is gaining momentum and attracting more buyers and sellers to have trades

Suchi Vora - Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative
Tego Cyber Inc.- Shannon Wilkinson

As the world is pushing towards the digital realm, and most of the work and

Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd

“Technology has completely transformed the business and will continue to do so,” says Mr. Sanjeev


The digital transformation has changed the aspects of the business. Today there is new technology

Yuryi Ferber- BRITech

Business leaders not only show the inspiring and budding entrepreneurs how to lead the way

Dimple Mittal & Vijay Narnapatti- mayaPRAXIS

Dimple Mittal and Vijay Narnapatti run a partnership that weaves the threads of work, family,

Ajay Bakshi- Metamorphosis Unlimited

In the present situation, talent acquisition and management have arisen as a key process in

Rushabh Gandhi- IndiaFirst Life Insurance

The year 2020 was one to remember. It highlighted the vulnerability of human life and

Michel Visser, EesySoft

EesySoft – Evaluating Educational Effectiveness The world of education is constantly evolving. Despite the challenges