hermit chawla- bhoomi chawla, sprak design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it

raj kapoor, Rijuven India

Unprecedented progress has been made in the Telemedicine sector in this era of digital technology.

Guru Murthy- Processware Systems

Every business sector across the globe is at the cusp of the digital revolution. While

Chong Kok Keong- Global eTradeServices

As global trade is gaining momentum and attracting more buyers and sellers to have trades

Suchi Vora - Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative
Tego Cyber Inc.- Shannon Wilkinson

As the world is pushing towards the digital realm, and most of the work and

Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd

“Technology has completely transformed the business and will continue to do so,” says Mr. Sanjeev


The digital transformation has changed the aspects of the business. Today there is new technology

Yuryi Ferber- BRITech

Business leaders not only show the inspiring and budding entrepreneurs how to lead the way

Dimple Mittal & Vijay Narnapatti- mayaPRAXIS

Dimple Mittal and Vijay Narnapatti run a partnership that weaves the threads of work, family,

Ajay Bakshi- Metamorphosis Unlimited

In the present situation, talent acquisition and management have arisen as a key process in

Rushabh Gandhi- IndiaFirst Life Insurance

The year 2020 was one to remember. It highlighted the vulnerability of human life and

Michel Visser, EesySoft

The world of education is constantly evolving. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic,

Anubhav Sinha- Anubhav Sinha Law Chambers

In an era of digital economy, while businesses are spreading their wings and accelerating their

Karun Kaura- Kaya Spirits

Life is full of moments, big or small, planned or spontaneous, and these moments need

Jean Michel Mougeolle- SharinPix

The world of business is vast and has so many opportunities and intricate details that

Venkata Siva Reddy - GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd

The world is progressing towards diversity and the world of business is equally adapting to

Fran Killoway- Frasil

The field of medical science is evolving and presenting radical innovations and solutions to problem

Batool Zaidi- BeReal

We are British high quality Women’s Activewear brand. Our website is and ourIG account

Sanjay Lakhotia- Noble House

An online platform connecting businesses with freelancers to work together and find time-bound, cost-effective solutions.