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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — True crime podcast “Monsters and Mothers” is announcing its fifth season, available for streaming on Spotify. Continuing off the success of its first four seasons, “Monsters and Mothers” will maintain its in-depth focus on mothers who kill. For fans of true crime podcasts, season 5 of “Monsters and Mothers” adds to the already explosive, nail-biting and gut-wrenching stories of the first three seasons with new stories and insights on notorious monster mothers.

As little girls and boys we look up at the glowing angel that gave us life with love and adoration—but for many children, this isn’t their reality. For many, the woman holding them is a true monster. Delve deep as “Monsters and Mothers” unravel the turbulent bonds between mother and child. Stories of mothers who commit unspeakable acts against their children, as well as the children who seek revenge.

“The true crime podcast sector is booming, and our podcast has a unique and very important angle that isn’t typically covered. Our goal with ‘Monsters and Mothers’ is to bring awareness to abuse that goes on at home that is rarely prevented by CPS,” said Wilde, a death investigator and abnormal psychology and forensics expert. “The stories we share on our show are heartbreaking, but must be told to prevent similar stories in the future.”

Some of the show’s top episodes include the story of Darlie Routier, a Texas woman sentenced to death for the murder of her sons, and Shirley Turner, who killed herself and her young son by strapping her son to her body and walking into the ocean destroying so many people in the process. The hosts also cover the Zahra Baker Story in their “Evil Stepmother Series,” sharing the details of Australian woman Elisa Baker and her horrific crimes against Zahra, her 10-year-old stepdaughter who was also a cancer survivor.

For true crime lovers, season 5 is a great place to jump in. The first episode of season 5 covers the Hart family, a tragic story of Jennifer and Sarah Hart who drove their SUV off a cliff in California with their six adopted children, killing the entire family and themselves. And the infamous Casey Anthony case of a mother whose child was missing for 31 days before she reported it.

Fans of “Monsters and Mothers” can also get the book! Deadly Mothers, now available on Amazon.

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