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Most Recommended Food Supply Chain Companies

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Swarm Engineering: SWARM Engineering is a rising star that is transforming the way food supply chain companies are managing their key challenges for competitive advantage. With a unique approach to Challenge Management – a specialist aspect of the multi-billion-dollar market for decision intelligence – and offering an array of advanced solutions that incorporate AI, Machine Learning, and Operational Research, SWARM Engineering is rapidly gaining a dedicated band of followers. 

The company have acquired several prestigious clients and shown multi-million-dollar cost savings with substantial return-on-investment ratios. SWARM Engineering began its journey in 2016, with a focus on transforming the way people tackle operational challenges in their business. 

The company aims to provide fool proof and comprehensive solutions to challenges such as balancing supply and demand more effectively, managing logistics in a highly disruptive environment, or integrating sustainability metrics into core sourcing decisions. 

These are just a handful of the scenarios where SWARM Engineering can provide value. Their goal is to democratize AI so that any business user can define and solve operational challenges as easily as they might build a report in a BI tool. 

Foods Connected: Foods Connected innovates & transforms food supply chain processes through our one-stop-shop software solution that delivers increased transparency over each element of supply chain management for our customers in the simplest way possible. 

All of our supply chain functionality is tailored to real-world applications, based on requirements from our customers and the in-depth knowledge of our team of industry experts. 

Foods Connected is designed specifically for the food industry, specializing in end-to-end supply chain management including; Supplier Compliance, Food Safety & Quality, CSR, Procurement & Supply Chain, Specifications & NPD, Traceability and Reporting & Analytics.  

Foods Connected has been built entirely by food industry experts, many of whom previously worked on factory floors and therefore have first-hand experience of the issues food businesses face daily and have a solid understanding of how best to implement customer projects to maximize returns and mitigate risk.

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