Most Trusted EV Technology Solution Providers To Watch - 2022

Most Trusted EV Technology Solution Providers To Watch - 2022 features,

CANGO Mobility is a company that primarily provides automotive and telematics solutions and has been in the industry for more than 12 years now. From the very start of the company, the team has proved its ability to look at problems from a different perspective and provide innovative solutions. 

This approach has led to the company providing customers with some of the most reliable, cost-effective and intelligent solutions for the clients. 

The company has been continuously growing and in the same time continuously learning. CANGO Mobility has a strong position in the market, and it is recognized for the quality of the solutions that they are offering. 

CANGO Mobility is an expert in Canbus and other vehicle data networks. The company’s solutions are used in the telematics industry, fleet management, transportation, logistics, mobility, car-sharing, public transportation, delivery, etc.

The main differentiator is that besides the hardware that they have developed the team is now able to license their knowledge, and their data base, to any 3rd part device no matter what type is. 

While EVs are fun to drive, have impressive acceleration, and feel more exciting to drive than traditional ICE cars, it is easy to say it is a fad. The EV is more like an IoT or Smart Device that can detect and prevent accidents. Tesla, for example, has cameras on at all angles and can warn a driver of dangerous situations (and record them for future proof of conditions/violation).

Regent Power integrates advanced customized end-products for Smart Cities that reduce crime and improve quality of life.  The team’s ability to integrate the best-in-class IoT solutions into many aspects of a Smart City ensures that whole neighborhoods are kept safe with various IoT designs, sophisticated LED street lighting, and security cameras.

Another unique solution the company offers is of electric vehicle (EV) charging.  Laura has been working with design teams to provide a host of solutions, especially in the DC Fast Charging field.  As most automakers are releasing electric cars with vast amounts of range (up to 500+ miles and climbing), the charging infrastructure is critical.  Standardization is needed. 

Right now, Tesla is the leader in DC fast charging, but different charging stations have different charging speeds and the plugs are proprietary for Tesla owners.