Nonconformist Innovation Media to Host Security & Privacy Tech Showcase

A virtual event featuring start-up CEOs from TrustLogix, VeriClouds, and Secuvy to showcase next-gen data security, threat intelligence, and privacy technology.

Organizations can no longer gamble with their customers’ sensitive data without consequences.”
— Steve Tout

SEATTLE, WA, USA, February 7, 2022 / — Steve Tout, Chief Instigator of Nonconformist Innovation Media, will host this Security & Privacy Tech Showcase to explore the latest innovations impacting the cloud security, data security, and privacy governance landscape. This is a free online event that will take place on February 11 from 10 am to Noon PST, featuring executive briefings from Ganesh Kirti, Stan Bounev, and Vaibhav Mehrotra.

In a post-SolarWinds world, every company must become a security-first company. In 2021 we saw a record number of data breaches, including the SolarWinds breach which is considered the largest and most sophisticated attack in history. During this 2-hour tech showcase, these start-up CEOs will share innovations they have developed and ways they are helping companies of all sizes address their most complex challenges in data security governance and privacy management.

Global data consumption is growing exponentially; preventable data breaches are skyrocketing with no signs of abating; technology and privacy regulations are constantly evolving and overwhelming most businesses’ ability to keep up. Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, privacy engineering, and robotic process automation help transform an organization’s ability to detect and respond to innovative threat actors – and deliver actionable insights while streamlining data security and privacy operations.

“Organizations can accelerate growth and improve performance by adopting a security-first mindset and building privacy and security engineering into their culture,” said Steve Tout. “As privacy rights become enforceable in states like California, Nevada, Maine, Virginia, Colorado, and others, organizations can no longer gamble with their customers’ sensitive data without consequences. Privacy laws don’t only apply to their structured data or give companies a free pass if their customers are using compromised credentials. Business and Security leaders are responsible for data privacy and protection not only while data is at rest, but also while it is in motion and in use. You will hear about strategies and innovations that will fuel the next decade of business at this event.”

During the event, the following companies and their founders will present for 20 minutes each and be available to answer questions in an expert panel afterward.

Secuvy – Petabyte scale data security, privacy compliance, and governance with automated AI-driven workflows for the discovery and classification of structured and unstructured data.
CEO: Vaibhav Mehrotra

TrustLogix – Next-gen data security governance platform for CI/CD pipelines, with intelligent discovery, monitoring, and granular access controls.
CEO: Ganesh Kirti

VeriClouds – Identity-centric cyber threat intelligence, integrated with popular IAM platforms such as Okta and SailPoint, that automates the detection and remediation of compromised credentials.
CEO: Stan Bounev

Following the executive briefings, there will be an expert Q&A panel that will include John Donovan, former CISO of Malwarebytes, and Shreyas Sadalgi, Chief Business Strategy Officer at BetterCloud. Attendees and the press will have a chance to ask questions and interact with panel members.

This event is private, and registration is required. This event will not be offered on-demand and therefore, joining and participating live is encouraged. For information about how your information is used, you can visit Nonconformist Innovation Media’s Privacy Policy here:

Online event details:
Date: Friday, February 11, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM PST – 12:00 PM PST
Cost: Free

About Steve Tout
Steve is a strategic advisor, executive coach, host of the Nonconformist Innovation Podcast, and Chief Instigator at Nonconformist Innovation Media. He is an entrepreneur and iconoclast with a background in enterprise IT and advisory services at some of the world’s largest companies in telecommunications, financial services, high tech, and the Big 4. Steve has been at the forefront of many cutting-edge identity and security projects throughout his 20+ year career. He currently resides in Bremerton, WA with his wife, daughter, his cat Cocoa, and ferret Zippy.

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