Pallet’s ‘Shelter Villages’ Provide COVID-19 Respite for People Experiencing Homelessness as Pandemic Continues

Assembling a Pallet Shelter.

EVERETT, WA, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2022 / — As the Covid-19 pandemic nears the beginning of its third year, so many people living in crowded, unhygienic conditions on the street raises the risk of Covid-19 transmission and adds to the public health crisis. There is also potential additional strain on hospitals, since many homeless people use them as their primary health care provider.

Pallet, a social purpose company with the mission of addressing both unemployment and homelessness, is providing restorative shelter villages for people experiencing homelessness as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

“When it comes to homelessness, there’s a shortage of housing,” said Pallet CEO Amy King. “But there’s no shortage of need for immediate, physically-distanced shelter options that allow people to maintain personal space and privacy within a healing community environment.”

Pallet shelter villages consist of both private sleeping cabins and separate bathrooms and community rooms for meals and services. They are designed to rapidly address unsheltered populations with a resource net of on-site social services, as well as food, showers, laundry, and more, to help people transition to permanent housing. “No one should go unsheltered when a shelter village can be built in a day,” affirmed King.

The shelter villages built by Pallet, with their single- or double-capacity cabins, can be a healthier alternative than traditional mass care centers where Covid-19 can spread rapidly among groups of people. These shelter villages also offer pandemic-related services and amenities, such as on-site vaccination clinics, Covid-19 testing, masks, and more.

In 2016 King and her husband Brady King founded Pallet as a tool to provide second chance employment while building dignified shelter for the unsheltered population. More than 80% of Pallet’s staff have faced the hardship of incarceration, homelessness or addiction. These workers with lived experience were largely responsible for coming up with the concept of what would become Pallet. These employees mentioned the value of having a door that locks to keep valuables safe while going to work. A comfortable bed, electricity, heating, air conditioning and support services all help a person regain dignity and put their life on track.

“We plan to continue our work in many more communities to address the crisis that homelessness presents to many of our most at-risk citizens,” said King. “As Covid-19 shifts from a pandemic to being endemic it will continue to circulate in our society with periodic outbreaks,” King observed. “We believe Pallet shelter villages will help to reduce transmission of the virus and be a safer place for the unsheltered population to live until they transition to permanent housing.”

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