Princess and Bear Wines – Only Place in the U.S. Bringing Exclusive Old-World Wines from One Region in France to Seattle

New Tasting Room Opens Featuring Wines Solely from the Languedoc-Roussillon Region

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2022 / — During a pandemic while many businesses around the country were shuddering, this new tasting room made its debut in Seattle as the only U.S. importer of wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Princess and Bear Wines imports small batch, affordable and uniquely delicious wines from over 40 independent French winemakers. These artisanal vintages from small family, primarily female-owned, vineyards cannot be tasted anywhere else in the country. This allows locals the exclusive opportunity to try before they buy. For wine enthusiasts around the country, wines can be shipped with standard shipping rates applied.

All wines imported by Princess and Bear Wines, are sourced from this largely unknown area in the South of France. The unique terroir nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees Mountains is more than deserving of the spotlight. The region has been home to winemakers, including the Roman Empire, for over 3000 years and the region is currently experiencing another winemaking Renaissance. This awakening is driven in part by female winemakers and “outsiders” who come from all over the world to experiment with new grape varieties and vinification methods that produce rare, high-quality wines. The delectable intersection of ancient tradition and modern innovation is evident in each of more than 150 different wines offered on a monthly rotating basis.

Princess and Bear Wines pride themselves on knowing the vineyard and winemaker behind each wine on their rotating tasting menu, and offered in their wine clubs. Understanding each bottle’s “Root to Sip” provides an in-depth tasting experience complete with an explanation of each terroir of the vineyard and winemaker’s story. “Each winemaker puts a piece of him or herself into the wine,” said Princess and Bear Wines COO and certified French Wine Scholar, Ioana Bucur, “and knowing that story is a big part of ‘Root to Sip’. The winemakers are what makes the experience so special, but the wine speaks for itself.” With such knowledgeable guides, guests leave Princess and Bear Wines not only enchanted with the wine, but more informed about the South of France, new grape varieties, organic farming, and the winemaking process itself.

Founders and former Seattle professionals Carol Bailey and Dr. Steve Medwell discovered the region as they explored retirement. They developed deep ties to the independent winemakers and resolved to bring these affordable, handmade wines back to their native shores. “We are now honored to bring the story of these incredible winemakers, and their wines, to Seattle. As we say, ‘Our pride in this place brings joy to your glass!’” said founder Bailey. The couple handpicks every wine they offer, tasting hundreds of bottles before curating the selection, ensuring that only the best and most interesting of the region make it to the customers’ glass.

Princess and Bear Wines also offers an online store to purchase wine and to join one of their three wine clubs. The wines are affordable; on average, a bottle can be purchased for under $30 with standard shipping rates, except for the wine club members who receive a $10 flat shipping fee. Wine club members receive curated seasonal shipments every three months, along with a custom recipe and tasting notes to go with each wine, helping wine club members take their dinner parties to new heights. With more than 150 exclusive, diverse wines, the small batch retailer is eager to help guests find their new favorite vintage and grape variety.


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