November | 2019

Remarkable Stories Of Determined Business Leaders

Magazine Profiles

Bhumesh Verma

An End-To-End Legal Solutions Provider

Bhumesh Verma - CORP COMM LEGAL

Minnat Hashmi

Facilitating Perfect Resource Delivery

Minnat Hashmi Founder CEO iTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Rajinder Singh

An Eloquent Leader In Legal Practices

Rajinder Singh

Fermenta Biotech

Poised for Growth

Mr. Prashant Nagre | CEO | Fermenta Biotech Ltd. (FBL)

Prakash Sinha & Sachin Sinha

Delivering Solutions – Professionally

Prakash Sinha and Sachin Sinha, Partners Prakash Sachin & Co.

Rohan Bhatt

Empowering Hospitality & Franchisee Businesses

Rohan Bhatt – Empowering hospitality & franchisee businesses.

Editor's Desk

Bangalore, The IT capital of India

vidhana soudha in Bangalore The IT capital of India

How to Optimize Your Daily Decisions

Daily Decisions

How Doing it All Gets Nothing Done

How Doing it All Gets Nothing Done

Early Monopolies

Early Monopolies