Rogan Apology Intensifies Cancel Culture Debate

Joe Rogan Apology Has Grave Implications for Scientific Debate

Of all those in the media, the last person I thought who would sell his soul for some pieces of Spotify silver would have been Joe Rogan. Say it ain’t so Joe.”
— In Trump Time Podcast

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2022 / — Podcaster Joe Rogan’s public apology after a boycott of Spotify by Hollywood musicians Neil Young and Joanie Mitchell has sparked new controversy over the role of cancel culture in suppressing scientific debate.

In Episode 25 of his In Trump Time podcast, former White House senior advisor and author of In Trump Time Peter Navarro deconstructs the Rogan apology and warns of its potentially corrosive effect on the ability of all viewpoints to reach the American public.

Navarro expressed surprise that “a person like Joe Rogan, who has literally faced death as a mixed martial arts fighter, would not have the courage to stand up for either his podcast or his convictions.”

According to Navarro, Rogan erred in claiming there is a “consensus” view of the Biden administration’s pandemic policy.

Said Navarro: “There is simply too much data to say otherwise, considerable discontent and disagreement within the scientific community about this issue, and the preponderance of evidence points clearly in favor of what Dr. Malone presented on Rogan’s podcast. Instead of fighting for that truth, Joe Rogan now wants to put on a disclaimer on it.”

The increased use of disclaimers as proposed by Rogan is likely to spark controversy in and of itself. Says Navarro: “The moment you issue a disclaimer, you are effectively saying that the information you are about the hear is likely to be misinformation. In this way, you create a built-in and unnecessary bias.”

Peter Navarro
In Trump Time
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