Smack Studio doubles its Kickstarter funding goal in 4 days – new stretch goals added

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2022 / — The Sandbox platform fighter Smack Studio is making waves in the fighting game community, and ThirdPixel Interactive needs help to hit its remaining Kickstarter stretch goals. It took them less than an hour to hit the original funding goal, so now ThirdPixel is pushing for even more new features within Smack Studio. The features already within the game include local multiplayer fighting mayhem and character customization tools for an enthralling mix of competition and creativity within one game.

Additional game features include eight player offline versus modes; ability to use almost any USB controller to play; character editor to create custom animations, artwork, and movesets; Steam Workshop content exchange; and many more features to come.

The early access version of the game is currently available immediately to Kickstarter backers at $15 tier and above, where they’ll also get their name in the credits in the full release, and access to a private Discord channel immediately. Alternatively, it can also be purchased on Steam for USD $19.99, without the backer bonuses.

According to founder and lead developer, Alec Dutch, “Creating pixel art animation is normally a slow process and requires a great deal of skill from an artist. Instead, Smack Studio seeks to make animation more accessible by providing automation tools that speed up the animation process significantly for players.”

Animations can be created in Smack Studio by drawing each body part only once, and attaching the body parts to an animation rig. The software then handles redrawing of the body parts. The animation toolset allows players to rotate 2D sprites in 3D using a new patented animation technique. According to Dutch, Smack Studio is the first software on the market capable of rotating sprites in 3D, with no need for a 3D model.

More information on Smack Studio and ThirdPixel Interactive including images, gameplay videos, and overviews, can be found at and join the discord

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