Stealing The Limelight! Tech-Revolutionary Projects Of Softuvo In 2020

India, March 10th, 2021

The year 2020 has been no less than misery for several businesses, but Softuvo stood out in this time of the pandemic. Softuvo Solutions has not only done exceedingly well in business but also tried its hands on some futuristic technologies.

Have a look at some of the top high-tech projects of Softuvo in 2020.

The Lottery Lab

The Lottery Lab is an independent information gathering and offering service. It includes the family of passionate hobbyists of lottery games who try to understand the lottery odds, maths, and statistics to help out our users! Softuvo created a robust website using Laravel and allowed users to make the most of the lottery world.
Technology: Laravel

Lending Ally
It is a peer-to-peer lending platform that is breaking financial barriers and connecting the borrowers and lenders directly to each other. The platform allows the borrowers to avail instant loan facilities from the list of borrowers without any intermediaries. Softuvo not only created a website but also launched an app to simplify the process of loans.
Technology: Python, Angular, Ionic, Django

Zero Cater
ZeroCater is one of the leading companies in the US providing food catering services to companies and their employees. The company is set with a mission to help the companies evolve their company culture through food and bringing together the employees. Softuvo created a cloud cafe that works as a digital cafeteria where employees can choose their meals from a wide range of menu items by top-rated culinary partners.
Technology: React Native, Python


School Try
School Try is conceptualized with the aim to make education accessible to all. The web-based information portals for schools to manage different activities like document management, leaves, grade, attendance, and more in a simplified manner. Softuvo provided the client with robust web and mobile solutions to power School Try’s unique theme.
Technology: WordPress, Laravel, Flutter
Android app
iOS app

The company has outgrown its reach for emerging technologies with innovation and there is no looking back! In discussion with Mr. Shanky Gupta, he excitedly exclaimed, “Big Things Are Coming! The year 2020 was filled with such phenomenal projects and has already paved space for more gigantic projects for
the year 2021. Softuvo looks forward to laying hands on big technologies and
competing on the global level.”

About Softuvo Solutions

Softuvo Solutions is a leading IT company that is well-known for providing IT services to clients across the globe. The company specializes in – Web Development, Mobile App Development, Wearable Development, IT Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Hybrid Development, Internet of Things, Ibeacon Development, Cross-Platform Development, and more. Softuvo has been recognized by various trustworthy resources like – GoodFirms, Clutch, App Futura, Top Developers, and more.

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