Tako Glass is Creating Blown Glass Treasures for Today’s Consumers and Collectors

As the Cannabis Market Nears $100 Billion, Luxury Glass Entrepreneur Tako Glass Leads the Charge

I’ve got a few big things happening early this year which I am stoked about. At the end of January, I’m traveling to Las Vegas to the House of Boro glass studio.”
— Ralph Richie

SEQUIM, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to data from Fortune Business Insights, the US cannabis market is expected to reach the $100 billion mark in the next few years, and this is a clear indication of how important this industry is. Among the leading businesses propelling the industry are a unique class of artisans and innovators, creating products not only for functionality but worth collecting as well.

Tako Glass, one of the world’s leading glass artists, is at the forefront of the high-end glass market for cannabis and tobacco use. No longer used for only practical purposes, today’s cannabis users view these works of art as just that; collectible sculpture and one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of display. The perfect example is the recent sale of Tako Glass’s magnum opus, Birth of a Star. This masterpiece of blown glass perfection sold for a mere $5,000, and it truly is like nothing the world has ever seen; regarding cannabis pipes or any kind of blown glass sculpture.

Ralph Richie, the artist behind Tako Glass, has been creating glass professionally for over two decades and he sees the evolution of the cannabis and glass industries as incredible opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs alike. At the same time, he remains driven to continuously develop his craft in new ways, with new skills.

“I’ve got a few big things happening early this year which I am stoked about. At the end of January, I’m traveling to Las Vegas to the House of Boro glass studio. I’m taking a glassblowing lesson from the super legendary glassblower, Banjo. It’s a four-day class with limited seating, and it’s sold out. I am excited to see where this immersive experience takes me,” stated Richie.

This spirit of continuous learning, growing, and working with others is held deeply within the culture of glass creation. Tako Glass has been thoroughly invested in the art of glass blowing since his first dalliances on the torch, and to this day, as one of the top glassblowers in the world of cannabis, he remains fully committed to his craft as both a student and professional.

“I have taken lessons from so many great artists; Jason Lee, Marcel, Chris Carlson was a TA for that class. Jake C, Hamm, Siren Apparatus, Phil Siegel, and many other great artists, and they have all had such a great influence on me” remarked Tako Glass.

Furthermore, Tako Glass has achieved a remarkable following on social media, where he counts over 48K followers on Instagram. Through sales on his website, www.TakoGlass.com as well as on Etsy, he has garnered an immensely loyal customer base, who have no problem shelling out thousands of dollars to get their hands on his exquisite, like-no-other glass pipes and bongs.

Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, and currently based in Sequim, Washington, Tako Glass has spent the past two decades blowing glass and pushing creative limits. His work has received worldwide acclaim, and he stands as one of the leading glass entrepreneurs in the US. Tako Glass is looking forward to a very exciting 2022 ahead, having closed out December 2021 with a sold-out shop and more custom orders than he ever imagined. February 7-9, 2022, you can catch Tako Glass, and many other leaders of the glass industry in Las Vegas for the Glass Vegas Expo, which is expected to be a mind-blowing gathering of modern glass culture. To learn more, head to https://www.takoglass.com/.

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