October | 2020

The 10 Transformational Business Leaders To Look Out 2020- Vol. 1

Magazine Profiles

Rajesh Raveendran

A Determined Strategist for Businesses’ Digital Needs

Rajesh Raveendran- RR Softtech


A New Freedom of Security

Ravi Prakash- watchdog

Leadership Talks

Aastha Verma

Preventing Risks By Promoting Digital Change

AAstha Verma- Tardid Technologies

Manuj Adlakha

Driving the Growth With Dedication

Manuj Adlakha- cargopeople

Mrinal Rai

Revolutionizing Logistic Sector of India

Mrinal Rai0- Intugine Technologies

Neville Patel

A Visionary In The Data Annotation Industry

Neville Patel- Qualitas Global

Pawas Goyal

A Leader Adding Fuel to the Digital Revolution!

Pawas Goyal- Cylsys Software

Rohan Warty

Bringing the Action to the Brands

Rohan Warty- xerwiz wlobal

Samir Lodha

Empowering Businesses with Smart Forex Risk Management Services

Samir Lodha- quant art

Editor's Desk

How to start Consulting Business?

How to start Consulting Business

John Paul DeJoria

John paul dejoria

Finding your IKIGAI

finding your ikigai