June | 2020

The 20 Prominent Women Lawyers To Watch In 2020

Magazine Profiles

Ameeta Verma Duggal

Practicing Excellence

Ms. Ameeta Verma Duggal, Cofounder at DGS Associates

Anita Dugar

A Leading Lawyer, You Can Trust

Ms. Anita Dugar Principle Associate- Samisti Legal

Komal Solomon

A Super Lawyer Committed To Expertise

Komal Solomon Solomon and Co.

Leadership Talks

Anupama Hebbar

A Dispute Resolution Specialist

Ms. Anupama Hebbar, Partner @ Keystone Partners - Advocates and Solicitors.

Easha Manchanda

A Smart Lawyer For Every Matter

Ms. Easha Manchanda Associate- AMLegals

Kamala Naganand

Transforming The Legal Industry For Better Tomorrow

Ms. Kamala Naganand Advocate & Mediator

Kruti Desai

Legal Insight. Business Instinct.

Ms. Kruti Desai Partner- ALMT Legal

Madhu Gadodia

A Lawyer You Can Always Trust On!

Ms. Madhu Gadodia Partner- Naik Naik & Company

Seema Jhingan

Committed To Protecting What Matters Most

Ms. Seema Jhingan Partner- LexCounsel Law Offices

Shweta Bharti

An Unmatched Excellence In The Field Of Law

Shweta Bharti Partner- Hammurabi & Solomon

Subathra Mylsamy

Committed to Success

Ms. Subathra Mylsamy Partner- AK Mylsamy & Associates LLP

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