The Different Types Of Time Clock Software For Businesses

One of the best ways to keep check and optimize on employees when running either a small business or a large company is the use of time clocks. With the help of a time clock it is manageable to upgrade time and attendance of the system by using a certain time clock software for businesses.

Using this technology will help a business or company save time and money, making it easier on handling the labor. Different time clocks are available with different features and credibility, you may choose one which will suit your needs more.

Touch Screen Time Clocks

One of the most advanced clocks for work management is the touch screens one. With one tap on the display you can quickly get jobs changed and shift them with full reliability. This not only increases productivity among employers but allows you to save time for evaluation. It is easy for the workers to stay on track of the task.

Using the screen time clocks a more accurate information is processed as labour costing is done more carefully. This assists the employees to get hold on schedules, selecting jobs and what they are working on along with making requests of time off. The employees can use the screen clocks with fingerprint technology.

These clocks increase engagement among the work force and reduce compliance risk. 

Biometric Time Clock

By using a biometric clock, you can easily cut off administrative costs and buddy punching that are related to management of employee’s activity. The system allows you to collect job reporting information, attendance and keeps a good track of absences and late check-ins.

 The biometric time clock also provides:

  • Privacy features
  • High security
  • Fingerprint system
  • Data storage
  • Convenience 
  • Reduced pay-roll costs
  • And features that keeps a user’s feature unique and safe

The clock makes employee theft impossible since they all need to be physically present to make their presence. A biometric clock can work on the basis of fingerprints, voice, iris recognition and facial recognition with combined systems.

Tablet time clocks

A time clock technology based on the most widely used software around the globe- the iOS and android tablets with time clocks. This allows clocking in and out to be much easier and faster, with the employee’s to punch in and out with facial recognition.

This is another great way to have access on more accurate information to process the labour costing and payrolls of the workers – which will save time and make sure of a steady workplace management 

The clock software has a certain set of features that are designed for all day use. These capture the location, can be used to display multi-level job selection, take photos, with acceptance to offline punches.

Web based Time Clock

Such clocks allow employees to check in using their desktop and laptops by IP address. It can help monitor off site employees, meanwhile the workers can also get access to information with the help of easy-to-use dashboard. The companies can also integrate the system for streamlined management and record keeping with the pay-roll and software.

 Mobile apps for time clock

Other than these technologies mentioned, a small business may use an app on mobile to stay updated .Famously used apps with advanced features are:

  • Sling
  • Replicon
  • Boomr
  • Timesheet
  • ezClocker

Final thoughts: These apps play the same role as any time clock would with clock in-out timings and the tracking details that have special tools to optimize your work management.Time clocks not only enhance and upgrade work space but are best to manage and reduce cost, time and makes it easy to keep check on employees.

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