March | 2020

The Highly Recommended Financial Advisors For 2020

Magazine Profiles

Armstrong Capital Advisory

Bridging The Gap Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

Manju Mastakar- Armstrong Capital Advisory

Go Digit General Insurance

To Simplify What’s Complicated

Kamesh Goyal- Go Digit Central Insurance

The Largest Financial Education Company In India

C S Sudheer Founder

Leadership Talks

ACE Consultancy

Towards Prosperity

Mr Lokesh Agrawal Founder ace consultancy

Sixth Sense Veture

India’s First Domestic Consumer-Centric Venture Fund

Nikhil Vora Founder and CEO Sixth Sense Ventures Advisors LLP

Manhaday Consultants

India’s Financial Specialist With Local And International Network

Uday Hegde Director Manhaday Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Editor's Desk

Artificial Intelligence: Impacting Your Daily Life

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on human life

Upshot Metros: AMAR KOLKATA

in Image Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, The Cultural capital of India

Credit Cards Can Help You A Lot!

7 benefits of owning a credit card | The Enterprise World

The Bombay Stock Exchange

The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Head office mumbai