The Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Out

The Most Influential Women Entrepreneur to Watch out features,

Davielle Jackson- Davielle has had years of experience in the marketing sector, managing sales and other aspects for other companies prior to becoming the CEO of her own firm. She has been the number one sales representative in about four different Fortune 500 companies, while also studying pre-med.

Gathering her experience in these different fields, Davielle started out on a mission to innovate feminine hygiene products, to make it hassle-free for women across the globe.

The idea of Pretty Panty, the first ever disposable period panty was invented by Davielle back in 2012. A journey that started years ago, the brand today is known as the most trusted brand for women, was actually then incepted in the year 2018.

Jan Lee – Jan is leading the company ahead into the future while making sure that the HealthCare industry is moving along. Her vision, goals, and charisma not only emanate a true entrepreneur but also a true leader. She is much more than an entrepreneur, she is an inspiration, a change, and a wave in today’s HealthCare industry.

Jan worked in clinical practice for over 20 years. She spent 23 years on active duty in the United States Air Force, with varying positions of increasing responsibility. Jan rose through the ranks in the Air Force, and her final assignment before retiring was as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Air Force Medical Service.

After her retirement, she was faced with a decision to either go back into full-time clinical practice or stay in the technology side of things. She chose technology and held the promise of addressing many of the things she found very frustrating as a practicing physician.

Jan chose that she was going to let her career move in a different direction and spent five years working for next-gen healthcare. After spending her time in the technology side of things, Jan got the opportunity at Delaware Health

Information Network. There was no looking back for her and has been with DHIN for 11 years, taking the reins and leading the company ahead.

Heather Ripley – My career started in a completely different industry. I was an assistant buyer for a department store right after school, where I learned that I enjoyed copywriting for our ads.

I went on to manage marketing for a couple of different companies, and in 2008, I started working for a company called Clockwork Home Services, managing marketing and public relations for the company’s three franchise brands: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and Mister Sparky.

Emma Dickison – As an industry leader with over 30 years of franchising experience, Emma has been the recipient of many awards and accolades. And to Emma, it all comes from building and being surrounded by good teams.

Emma has also been very actively involved in the Women’s Franchise Committee through the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Their mission is to empower and encourage women to pursue franchising as a career. Being associated with that committee, Emma has had the opportunity to support women entrepreneurs across many different franchise concepts.