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The Most Successful Business Leader to Watch Out - Vol. 3

The Most Successful Business Leader to Watch Out - Vol. 3 features,

Leading people in its truest form, was Steve Elwell. Like every other CEO, he faced hardships in his journey, but his zeal to succeed made him the leader he is today. Leading WingoCase- Ambulant Inc. 

Steve is the CEO of his word and one in its true sense. With his ability to lead a call with the shareholders with utmost ease, and find an innovative way around the everyday problems the organization faces on a daily basis, Steve has been able to take the company to new heights. 

Steve has a proven track record of growing and leading some of the most prestigious leading organizations in industries like medical device, and many more. This is the vision with which he has made WingoCase one of the most successful organizations in its industry. 

“I am a bit of a “throwback” CEO. It is mostly because of my relationships from the executive team to the back-office staff.”

Mr. Elwell Brings expertise in strategy, marketing, sales leadership, and business development. He brings over twenty years of senior management experience in the medical device industry and has been a part of three successful exits; ApaTech (sold to Baxter), Salient Surgical (sold to Medtronic), and Global Medical Concepts (sold in 2018). 

Virginie Simone is the Founder and Director of Simon&Co. Virginie is one of the most innovative, visionary, and charismatic business leaders of the year. She has revolutionized the industry with her company’s leading services, embedded with her expertise and invaluable experience.

Simon&Co has become one of the leading names in PR and strategy with unmatched services, providing solutions that offer clients flexibility, scalability, and growth. Their long list of loyal clients makes them highly sought-after and one of the most trusted PR agencies in the market.

Simon&Co establishes itself as a leading PR strategist and brand builder, through its comprehensive methods and ethos. Their primary service offerings revolve around reputation management plans, launches, communications of influence, public affairs, media relations, and business development.

Patti Brownsord, Partner at Grounded With Data, who is making lives easier with her accurate information and representation of data. 

In this interview with her, let us know more about the journey of the company. 

Grounded With Data is a market research and data analysis consulting firm. We work with businesses to help them figure out what they’re leaving on the table by not using their data and how they can start making better data-driven decisions. 

“My business partner and I both come from agency backgrounds where every day was different, and we had to learn fast about various industries to become effective with our recommendations. We pride ourselves on quickly getting up to speed with clients and bringing them new insights and ah-ha moments. One of our favorite things to hear is, “well, I never thought about it that way before .” We wanted to start this company for the freedom of being our own bosses, working for clients we love, and growing a team that felt supported and inspired by their work.”

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