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The Most Successful Business Leader to Watch Out

The Most Successful Business Leader to Watch Out features,

Winston Weber and Associates (WWA) was founded in 1985, with its base of operations in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded with a goal – “To have a global perspective and provide leadership thinking with practical, implementable solutions”. 

Winston Weber and Associates is known for providing more value and client return on investment than other large consulting firms that mostly house junior consultants with minimal business experience and those loose consortium consultancies, staffed by independent contractors, who typically experience inconsistent quality control. 

More value and client return on investment mean an uncompromising emphasis on quality and trust, a “say it as we see it” approach, and the ability to consistently exceed client expectations. These qualities and the team’s dedication to providing leading-edge thinking with implementable solutions have helped them to achieve their goal and amass an irrefutable reputation in the market!

Garret Flower, CEO, and Founder of Wayleadr. Wayleadr as the name suggests is the pinnacle of technology that will change the way we look at the world, especially transportation. Wayleadr is pioneering solutions in last-mile automation that are combining emerging technologies, infrastructure, and people to bring about the next generation of mobility solutions reducing car dependency, reducing congestion, and carbon footprints for large or scaling companies. 

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2016, with a second office in Manhattan, New York, Wayleadr operates in 15 different countries across Europe, the USA, Oceania, and Asia, servicing some of the world’s leading brand names including L’Oreal, Indeed.com, Europcar and more.

In conversation with Henrik Stamm Kristensen, Founder and Chief Moonshot Officer at Blendhub. Let’s get to know more about the company, its offerings, about Henrik’s professional journey! 

“Since the start of my first company, I have been exploring how science and technology can accelerate the transformation of the food industry sector which is completely broken and transit towards transparency in global supply chains.

In 1996 I founded Premium Ingredients, which specialized in blending powder-based food recipes from traceable ingredients sources for the food industry. After initial success with B2B customers in Spain but lots of failures trying to sell our solutions in other countries, I realized we had to take a different approach to move forward.

And the company started the evolution from being a local “blender” towards becoming a global network and collaborative community platform offering Food-as-a-Service, which is Blendhub today.”

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Blending Perfection, Creating Innovation!

Blendhub-Blending Perfection, Creating Innovation! Henrik Stamm Kristensen

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