Dynabook Americas Recalls 15.5 Million Toshiba Laptop AC Adapters Over Burn and Fire Hazards

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Dynabook Americas, formerly known as Toshiba, has issued a recall for 15.5 million Toshiba laptop AC adapters burn and fire hazards, the company announced. The recall comes after the company received 679 reports of the recalled AC adapters overheating, catching fire, melting, and causing minor burn injuries in 43 cases.

The affected AC adapters were sold both alongside Toshiba personal laptop computers and separately, with date codes ranging from April 2008 through December 2012. Manufactured in China, these adapters are associated with more than 60 models, with the company providing a webpage listing the impacted model numbers and serial numbers.

Approximately 1.3 million of the affected adapters were also distributed in Canada. Consumers who have purchased these adapters are urged to immediately cease using them and contact Dynabook Americas for a free replacement.

Recall Details and Potential Risks

The recall has prompted concerns regarding the safety of consumers using these AC adapters. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission highlighted the potential risks associated with the adapters, noting the reports of overheating and fire incidents. The affected adapters, which are black in color, have specific model numbers, serial numbers, and date codes printed on the AC adapter rating label.

According to market research firm Gartner, Toshiba, once a prominent player in the laptop market, now accounts for only about 1% of the market share. Leading the category is Lenovo with 25%, followed by HP (22%), Dell (17%), and Apple (9%).

Mikako Kitagawa, a director analyst at Gartner, emphasized the relatively small percentage of the population still using these old-model adapters. However, the recall serves as a reminder of past concerns related to AC adapters overheating and posing fire risks.

Despite the adapters being manufactured and sold over a decade ago, officials stress the importance of addressing safety concerns promptly. Consumers who possess the affected products are advised to discontinue their use immediately and seek a free replacement from Dynabook Americas to ensure their safety and prevent potential fire hazards.

Toshiba Laptop AC Adapters Burn and Fire Hazards

Market Impact and Consumer Safety Measures

The recall was initiated due to concerns raised by the CPSC regarding the possibility of the AC adapters overheating and sparking, which could lead to burn injuries and fire incidents. It is imperative for consumers who have purchased these adapters, whether bundled with Toshiba-brand laptops or bought separately, to heed the recall notice and discontinue their use immediately. Dynabook Inc.’s acknowledgment of the issue underscores the importance of prioritizing consumer safety and ensuring that products meet stringent safety standards. The company is working in collaboration with regulatory authorities to address the situation and provide appropriate remedies to affected consumers.

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