Whimsy Machine Launches All-Ages Graphic Novel, House Of The Queerbodies

House of the Queerbodies cover by Robin Richardson

Page 6 of House of the Queerbodies: Ellen discovers a secret passageway behind her bookcase.

Page 12 of House of the Queerbodies: Ellen meets Mother Goose and learns where she might find the story her grandmother forgot.

Game publisher Whimsy Machine Media launches new fairy-tale graphic novel on Kickstarter with art by Robin Richardson.

BELLINGHAM, WA, USA, February 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whimsy Machine Media has announced the upcoming House of the Queerbodies, a new graphic novel launching on Kickstarter on February 8, 2022. House of the Queerbodies is an all-ages graphic novel adapted from the 1901 novel As The Goose Flies by Katharine Pyle, written by Taylor Curreysmith, illustrated by Robin Richardson, and edited by Jasmine Walls. House of the Queerbodies follows the adventures of a young girl who travels through a world of fairy tales and folklore with the help of Mother Goose’s gander to find the story her grandmother forgot.

“I fell in love with As the Goose Flies when I first read it a few years ago. Jasmine Walls (editor) was exceptionally helpful and creative in bringing new life into this story,” says Taylor Curreysmith, Owner at Whimsy Machine Media and writer of House of the Queerbodies. “Robin Richardson adds an absolute vibrancy and depth to the art.”

House of the Queerbodies Part One launches on Kickstarter on February 8, 2022. Part One (of three) includes the first 42 comic pages and will be released digitally and in a limited print run.

For more information on House of the Queerbodies, visit the project page.

About Whimsy Machine Media: Whimsy Machine Media has made a name in independent tabletop roleplaying with a library of unique and innovative games. Spell: The RPG is an all-ages adventure game that uses spelling for its magic system. Fight Item Run is a joyful adaptation of nostalgic retro video games with a charming style. House of the Queerbodies brings together a team with diverse comic book experience for Whimsy Machine Media’s first graphic novel offering.

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Whimsy Machine Media
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