Are You Being Discriminated Against at Work? 5 Signs to Look Out For

Discrimination at work- 5 Signs to Look Out For | The Enterprise World

No one deserves to feel uncomfortable or disrespected at work. Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace happens. While everyone experiences occasional workplace frustrations, there are situations where it might be more than just a bad day.  

Discrimination at work can happen in subtle or overt ways. It can be based on anything – your sexuality, gender, religion, race/ethnicity, or even favoritism. It’s important to recognize the signs as this is the first step to addressing the issue. 

In some cases, the discriminating individual may be doing so unintentionally. Other times, it could be deliberate. Identifying the signs and differences helps you decide if you will need an LGBT discrimination lawyer or if a simple report of discomfort can address the situation. Here

1. Unequal Treatment

Discrimination at work- 5 Signs to Look Out For | The Enterprise World

One of the most telling signs of discrimination at work is unequal treatment with your colleagues. This can manifest in various ways:

  • 1. Different Standards 

You might find that the expectations and standards applied to you are stricter than those applied to your coworkers. It could be in terms of performance reviews or attendance. It can also appear in disparity in adherence to workplace policies that may even lead to injuries. In such cases, you may need a personal injury lawyer NJ to advocate on your behalf.

  • 2. Unfair Work Assignments

You may be consistently given less desirable tasks. Consistently receiving workloads that don’t match your skills and experience is a sign of discrimination. 

2. Lack of Advancement Opportunities

Discrimination at work- 5 Signs to Look Out For | The Enterprise World

Do you consistently get passed over for promotions or advancement opportunities? Despite having the necessary qualifications and performance, if your colleagues seem to be advancing more quickly, this could be a sign of discrimination. 

Look out for consistent negative feedback that doesn’t seem to align with your actual performance. It could be a tactic to hinder your professional growth.

3. Exclusion from Important Activities or Decisions

When you notice that you’re frequently left out of key meetings, projects and social gatherings, this could be a sign of discrimination. You should be included in the decision-making processes at work, or that could be a telltale sign of discrimination.

4. Hostile Work Environment

A workplace should feel safe and supportive. If you encounter an environment that feels hostile or abusive, this is a major red flag. It could be subtle, by repeatedly being the subject of offensive jokes targeted at your characteristics like gender, age, or race. Or it could manifest as microaggression or bullying.

5. Discrepancies in Pay

Discrimination at work- 5 Signs to Look Out For | The Enterprise World

Are you aware of colleagues doing the same job who are getting paid more or receiving different benefits? Equal pay for equal work is protected by federal law. If you suspect that you’re being paid less than your colleagues for doing the same job, it’s a sign of discrimination and worth investigating further. 

Bottom Line

Recognizing discrimination at work is the first step toward protecting your rights and advocating for a respectful work environment. Try to document incidents, including the date, time, and description of what happened. 

Review company policies on discrimination. Then, report the issue to your HR department. If still unaddressed, you may want to engage a lawyer who specializes in discrimination/employment law.

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