Dr. Amit Saxena: Inspiring Change in Education Through Visionary Leadership

Dr. Amit Saxena: Inspiring Change in Education Through Leadership | The Enterprise World

Isn’t it intriguing how education has undergone a significant transformation over the years? Nowadays, the focus isn’t just on academics but also on equipping children with the skills they need to thrive in the future. Educational institutions play a crucial role in this journey, from laying the foundation during the early years to guiding students toward their first job. Behind these institutions are individuals who shape their culture and foster a nurturing environment. However, it’s also essential to recognize that behind these institutions are real people who lead them. 

One such leader is Dr. Amit Saxena, a visionary in education who epitomizes transformative leadership and innovation. As the driving force behind the Sparsh Group of Educational Institutions, Amit has not only impacted the lives of countless students but has also revolutionized education by prioritizing holistic development and personalized learning experiences. He has emerged as a trailblazer, reshaping the educational landscape with his forward-looking approach and unwavering dedication to excellence.

A Legacy of Leadership: Dr. Amit Saxena’s Leadership at Sparsh Group

Amit is a dynamic leader with nearly three decades of experience in pivotal roles across diverse industries. With a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a track record of delivering results, he brings a wealth of expertise to his current position as CEO of Sparsh Group of Educational Institutions. Over the course of his career, Amit has held key leadership positions, demonstrating his strategic acumen and commitment to excellence. At Sparsh Group, he oversees both K-12 and Higher Education institutions, spearheading initiatives that drive growth and innovation. 

Amit’s Dynamic Career Journey

Dr. Amit Saxena’s professional journey is a testament to his versatility and drive for innovation. Beginning his career at Business Press, a division of Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS), Amit quickly rose from a management trainee to overseeing a diverse portfolio of magazines and music labels. His tenure witnessed the foray into film production, with critically acclaimed ventures like “Maachis” and “Train to Pakistan,” solidifying his reputation as a strategic visionary.

Transitioning to the financial world, Dr. Amit Saxena made significant contributions as part of the corporate advisory team at Western India Group, where he played a pivotal role in managing over a hundred public issues. Despite market fluctuations, his decision to explore new horizons led him to the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) in 1997. Over the next 18 years, Amit’s leadership spanned various domains within IIPM, including marketing, academics, administration, and consultancy, contributing to its transformation into an All India Institute.

Throughout his tenure, Amit’s passion for entrepreneurship drove initiatives that nurtured groundbreaking ideas and propelled student success, establishing IIPM as a beacon of innovation. Despite taking a brief hiatus in 2015 to explore different ventures, Amit’s innate connection to the education sector led him to Sparsh Group, where he now spearheads educational initiatives, poised to continue his legacy of driving excellence and innovation.

Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions

Dr. Amit Saxena has a distinguished record in promoting educational excellence. He is an Ambassador for HundrED, a Finnish NGO that champions innovation in K-12 education. Additionally, his leadership skills are recognized by his appointment as Chair of the Business Education Committee at the WTC Business and Industry Association. In this role, he works to connect educational institutions and advocate for educational interests on a national and global scale.

Dr. Amit Saxena’s achievements are further underscored by the numerous awards he has received. He has been recognized as an ET Inspiring Leader for three consecutive years (2021-2023) for his contributions to education. Most recently, he was awarded Business Leader of the Year at the World Education Summit in Dubai (February 2024). He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from Maryland State University in Dubai, a testament to his own academic achievements.

Pioneering Educational Excellence: The Genesis of Sparsh Group

The inception of Sparsh Group is rooted in a vision to transform the landscape of education, led by Amit’s unwavering commitment to excellence. In 2015, Dr. Amit Saxena took the helm of this ambitious venture, driven by a singular mission: to redefine the educational experience. Beginning with the acquisition of existing institutions, Sparsh Group embarked on a path of revitalization, aiming to uplift these establishments into beacons of educational prowess.

What started as a modest endeavor soon burgeoned into a network of eight institutions, serving over 8000 students, supported by a dedicated team of nearly 700 faculty and staff members. Central to Sparsh Group’s ethos is a dedication to providing accessible, high-quality education, transcending mere profit-making to prioritize the holistic development of every student.

Transitioning from revitalizing existing schools to establishing new ones marked a pivotal phase in the Sparsh Group’s trajectory. Rather than conforming to established norms, the group chose to chart its own course, rejecting conventional franchise models in favor of fostering its unique brand identity. In an educational landscape saturated with cutthroat competition and rampant commercialization, Sparsh Group distinguished itself by prioritizing a distinctive positioning strategy, emphasizing the inherent value of its educational offerings. As Dr. Amit Saxena reflects on this journey, it underscores the group’s steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, serving as a beacon of hope for educational institutions seeking to make a meaningful impact in an ever-evolving world.

Setting Benchmarks in Educational Excellence

Recognized by Times of India, Education World, Careers 360, and World School Summit NAAC.
K-12 Schools like JP International, Swarnprastha Public, Sparsh Global ranked No. 1 for facilities, faculty, and global exposure.Higher education institutions IIST, IIMR, IIP rated A+, A, A by NAAC.
IIST Ranked No. 1 in MP and Indore in Professional Education, No. 4 in India New Age Study Program Leader.
Sparsh Global Business School Ranked No. 1 in UP and Greater Noida, No. 7 in India by Education World.

Sparsh Group’s commitment to comprehensive education is exemplified by their belief that true holistic development encompasses various facets of a child’s growth. By integrating innovative strategies into their curriculum, Sparsh Group ensures that students receive a well-rounded education from a young age. 

For instance, they offer psychometric testing to students as early as the 8th grade, aiding them in discovering their career paths. This proactive approach not only empowers students to make informed decisions about their future but also fosters a sense of direction and purpose from an early age. 

Moreover, Sparsh Group goes beyond traditional academic preparation by equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in international universities. By aligning their curriculum with global standards and requirements, Sparsh Group ensures that students have a strong foundation of values and competencies, facilitating a seamless transition to higher education abroad. 

Through these initiatives, Sparsh Group remains dedicated to providing comprehensive education that empowers students to excel academically, professionally, and personally.

Charting New Frontiers Under Amit’s Leadership

To establish itself as a strong brand, Sparsh Group adopted innovative practices long before the National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020. Recognizing the evolving landscape of education and the shifting dynamics of parental preferences, the group embarked on a mission to cater to the emerging market with precision. Furthermore, understanding the modern parent’s inclination towards dual-income households and a materialistic approach to parenting, Sparsh Group discerned the need for institutions to assume a more proactive role in shaping a child’s holistic development. With this insight, the group ventured into multiple acquisitions, expanding its footprint into higher education with three institutions in Indore spanning management, education, pharmacy, and engineering.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Sparsh Group seized the opportunity to introduce its own brand. The group’s leadership, under the visionary guidance of Dr. Amit Saxena, opted for a bold approach. Firstly, the group started the Greenfield project in K12 and higher education facilities like establishing its first global school (Sparsh Global School) and Global Business School. Such an approach featured an international curriculum and pioneering initiatives. This landmark endeavor underscores Amit’s relentless dedication to trailblazing educational excellence, with his leadership and vision serving as the driving force behind Sparsh Group’s transformative journey to brand eminence.

Creating The Leaders of Tomorrow With Future-Ready Education 

  • Aligning with K12 Education

Gone are the days when education solely focused on the present growth of a child. Today, it’s about forecasting the rapidly changing career landscape and shaping education accordingly. Faced with a multitude of educational institutions spanning both K12 and higher education, the group recognizes the critical need for synchronicity across education at all stages. The team has successfully identified the significant gaps existing between the K12 segment, higher education, and the corporate sector, where the preparation and expectations of each segment fail to align seamlessly. Leveraging Sparsh Group’s unique position as a corporate entity, it bridges these divides and lays the pathway to a new era of educational integration and excellence. This is where the 3C model weighs in.

Building Foundations for Success With The 3C Model

Instilling virtues like empathy and compassion, fostering a culture of kindness and gratitude.Developing critical skills like coding and entrepreneurship, honing problem-solving and adaptability for future success.Personalizing counseling and assessments to guide students toward diverse career pathways, fostering innovation and adaptability for the dynamic job market.

With an unwavering commitment to holistic development, the group instills essential character traits and competencies in students from an early age. Through innovative initiatives such as the Bud Preneur program and experiential learning opportunities, Sparsh empowers students to explore their passions, develop critical thinking skills, and gain real-world insights. By aligning career aspirations with individual competencies, Sparsh ensures that each student is equipped with the tools and guidance needed to thrive in their chosen path. These strategic interventions pave the way for a future where every student has the opportunity to evolve beyond the ordinary.

  • Bridging Academics and Industry with Higher Education

Sparsh Global Business School (SGBS) bridges the gap between academics and industry through future-oriented business management and entrepreneurship programs. Inspired by the Sparsh Group’s vision, SGBS emphasizes social and environmental responsibility alongside profitability (4Ps: Purpose, Planet, People, and Profit). 

Their curriculum, designed by experienced faculty in collaboration with international universities, focuses on experiential learning, entrepreneurship, and environmental awareness (4Es: Experiential Learning, Experimental Approach, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Environmental Consciousness). The state-of-the-art digital campus includes a business incubator, sports complex, and digital library, offering high-quality resources from institutions like Harvard Business School and Bloomberg. SGBS partners with universities across North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, providing students with international programs and cultural experiences. Corporate engagement is prioritized through collaborations with organizations like T-Hub, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and preparing students for the global job market with career tracks and employability certifications.

The group aims to expand internationally, with Europe as a key destination for higher education. They envision establishing a flagship institution abroad and the country’s premier boarding school, offering a seamless educational experience from kindergarten to corporate placement, driven by a commitment to excellence and success. 

Empowering Student Success 

Dr. Amit Saxena strongly advocates for providing children with a comprehensive education that extends beyond mere academic achievement. In alignment with his vision, the Sparsh Group endeavors to nurture students during their formative years in school.

Pathways to Success at Sparsh Group

Early Foundation Classes
Preparing students for exams from 6th grade onwards and expanding their knowledge.
Expert Stream Counseling
Guiding students and parents in selecting the right academic streams.
Global Pathway Program
Facilitating students’ transition to esteemed international universities.
Holistic Achievement Recognition
Valuing holistic achievements, recognition goes beyond academic performance.
Collaborative Decision-Making
Involving students, parents, and educators in decision-making ensures student success

By adopting internationally recognized standards such as business simulations and early-stage summer training programs and renowned frameworks like Stephen Covey’s 8 habits into its school-level curricula, Sparsh Group provides students with invaluable insights into various sectors of the economy, including the vital MSME segment. Recently, one of Sparsh Group’s schools was recognized as the best experiential learning institution in Dubai, underscoring the group’s commitment to innovative education practices. 

Fostering Innovation: Amit’s Approach to Leadership

Dr. Amit Saxena’s leadership style is characterized by its participative nature and emphasis on encouraging a culture of collaboration and innovation. He believes in creating sustainable processes rather than relying on isolated successes, ensuring that every member of the team feels valued and empowered. In meetings, he encourages open dialogue and welcomes ideas from all stakeholders, recognizing and incorporating innovative suggestions into the organization’s framework.

By implementing initiatives like quarterly support meetings, where every department presents their achievements, challenges, and new ideas, Amit promotes a cohesive organizational culture where transparency and accountability are paramount. This bottom-up approach fosters a sense of ownership among team members and ensures that decisions are made collectively, contributing to a stimulating and dynamic environment where everyone is motivated to contribute their best. 

Dr. Amit Saxena emphasizes empowerment and growth, viewing education as a means to uplift even the weakest students. He rejects the “survival of the fittest’’ mentality, instead championing a personalized approach to identify and nurture each child’s strengths. Thus, through individualized attention and a commitment to transformation, Sparsh Group aims to evolve beyond conventional education, creates a culture where every student can thrive. In the process, the employees get the opportunity to grow, too. Amit believes that making mistakes is crucial as they provide a platform for learning from one’s own errors. The group gives them ample opportunities to learn more and to grow in the organization

Balancing Family, Hobbies, and Leadership

Amit’s personal life is a testament to his commitment to nurturing both his family and his passions outside of work. In his leisure time, Amit immerses himself in reading, with a penchant for literature that he instills in his children and students through a well-equipped library at their school. He also enjoys traveling, particularly by road, and indulges in the occasional film.

His leadership approach extends to his personal life, where he promotes learning and growth. Encouraging his children’s reading habits, he incentivizes them to explore books by offering pocket money based on the number of pages read. This approach reflects his belief in positive reinforcement and empowerment, mirroring the principles he applies in his educational institutions. Amit’s commitment to open communication and sensitivity underscores his leadership ethos, ensuring that interactions within his family, community, and organization are respectful and constructive. Through his holistic approach to life, Dr. Amit Saxena not only leads by example but also cultivates an environment where personal development and well-being thrive alongside professional growth.

Charting the Future: Sparsh’s Ambitious Expansion Plans

The next significant phase for Sparsh Group revolves around ambitious expansion plans aimed at establishing the brand across multiple cities. Amit envisions a strategy aligned with industry trends, integrating advancements from corporate to gateway to higher education seamlessly. This approach ensures that Sparsh Group stands out amidst competitors, offering a unique value proposition that excites parents and students alike. Through unwavering dedication and a proactive approach, Amit and his team aim to propel Sparsh Group of Educational Institutions to new heights, establishing it as a trailblazer in the education sector across multiple cities.

Amit’s leadership philosophy is deeply influenced by the mentors he has encountered throughout his career. For him, effective leadership revolves around the simplicity of ensuring that the organization’s vision permeates through every level of the institution. 

To achieve this, Dr. Amit Saxena spearheads visioning exercises on a quarterly basis, involving the entire Sparsh Group. By engaging everyone in these exercises, the team is aligned with a shared vision, fostering a sense of unity and purpose across the organization. This approach has not only facilitated the growth of the institute but has also had a significant impact on the students’ career trajectories. 

With a clear and shared vision guiding their efforts, students benefit from a supportive and cohesive educational environment that empowers them to achieve their academic and professional goals effectively.

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