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Analytics and its growing use in many industries is unlocking new possibilities and the true potential of these cutting-edge and breakthrough services. SaaS services, while relatively recent, are transforming and improving many business processes and functions. Because of the specialized nature of business processes, deep expertise is needed to provide SaaS solutions and help transform and manage them.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. (PKSI) is one of the pioneers in this industry, providing unmatched and unparalleled analytics solutions. They are also working on several SaaS solutions to enable enterprises to make the best use of analytics, drive their company to achieve the desired goals, while reducing costs and overheads. Their services are innovative and transformational, backed by a team of specialists, pooling in their decades of combined experience in varied industries and domains, packed with extensive knowledge of the latest industry trends and practices.

These are some of the many factors that make PKSI a leader in the Analytics domain. PKSI is one of the most successful companies in the HR analytics domain; read more to find the insights and the journey of Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc., featuring as the cover story of The Most Recommended HR Analytics Solution Providers in 2021.

The Company, the Journey – Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc.

PKSI was founded over 20 years by two engineers – Supreet Singh, and Srini Voruganti. The company was founded with a vision and mission – to leverage leading-edge technology platforms to provide just-in-time technology services and solutions to their Fortune 1000 clients.  

Several years ago, the founders saw the growing need for businesses to get deeper insights from the data in their business systems. In the late 90s and early years of the 21st century, businesses invested heavily in sophisticated ERP, HRIS, and CRM systems to gain 360-degree control of their operations. PKSI engaged with many such midsize and large organizations to help them successfully deploy and manage these systems.

Following this period, businesses realized that they now had access to a wealth of data on their operations and began mining their internal transactional and operational data for insights. Thus, began the period of deploying data warehouses and Business Intelligence systems. PKSI has been involved in many such successful initiatives across multiple industry verticals.

It soon became clear that these data initiatives, while being extremely necessary, were ponderous, expensive, and time-consuming. Further, businesses realized that they were not able to reap the full benefits promised by ERP Software systems, namely a data-driven management of strategy and operations. Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. along with other industry experts saw the need for deeper, faster insights from data and turned to advanced techniques like data science, machine learning, and text mining to provide faster, deeper insights.

The goal was not just to look back at historical data and analyze what happened but to leverage Artificial Intelligence techniques to look forward and predict and forecast trends into the future. This trend was accelerated and fuelled by the growing availability of cloud-based data environments.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. embraced this trend and started a center of excellence for AI and advanced analytics to research and implement AI technologies for analytics. The company also established partnerships with leading-edge analytics technology and data platforms including SAS, IBM, Pitney Bowes among others. This enabled PKSI to gather deeper insights into the analytics needs of midsized and large organizations.

In 2020, PKSI was awarded the SAS Global Excellence in Innovation Award for the Advanced Workforce Analytics Solution.

The Unmatched Services of PKSI

PKSI offers services and turnkey solutions for helping their customers drive value and better business outcomes by deploying cutting-edge tools and technologies, with services delivered by skilled professionals and thought leaders. While many firms are now in the AI space, PKSI had a head start and established strong industry partnerships many years ago with leading platform providers like SAS and IBM.  

Based on their clients’ needs, they have also developed end-to-end SaaS (Software as a Service) Solutions for AI-driven Banking Analytics and Workforce Analytics.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. is always pursuing and pushing towards excellence in everything they do and is constantly working on enhancing the effectiveness and use of their services. They are also striving to not only bring breakthrough and cutting-edge services but also keeping efficiency and feasibility in check, so their clients can fully utilize and integrate their services, to extract the best results and fuel their growth and development. They can do so by listening to their clients, employees, and partners.. According to its founders, PKSI is constantly researching new technologies to identify market needs and innovate new products and services.

Factors that Pushed PKSI to the Heights of Success

As PKSI began offering AI-driven services to its clients, it became obvious to leadership that there was a widening gap in the capabilities of midsize and large organizations. The larger organizations were able to hire extensively in new technology areas like data science and cloud development. Midsize And small businesses were not able to compete with the larger firms in hiring deep benches with these advanced skills. This gap has only widened over time.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. realized that there was a need for end-to-end analytics solutions for midsize businesses. This trend was especially obvious in the financial services industry, where larger banks have made tremendous investments in AI technologies and are using these skills to great advantage to acquire and retain customers, offer just-in-time services and products, and create a better customer experience.  

To address the needs of midsize firms, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. has developed two end-to-end turnkey analytics solutions. The first is a solution for Advanced Workforce Analytics that is relevant to businesses in most industry verticals. The second solution, called Advanced Banking Analytics, serves midsize and smaller banks and credit unions.

The award-winning Advanced Workforce Analytics Solution is intended for midsize and smaller firms across multiple industries. It integrates data from multiple sources from the organization, like HRIS, Payroll, Training, Talent Acquisition, etc. It then enriches the data with external data like social and socio-economic data. Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. provides AI-driven analytical insights into an organization’s workforce including insights into all stages of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition to employee exit.

The organization also gets insights into company trends, D&I initiatives, employee experience, workforce planning, and organizational structure. The solution is wholly managed by Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc., from data ingestion and integration to insights. The organization deploying this solution gets the benefits of the business insights without having to manage data pipelines, data models, or dashboards. 

Further, since the solution is delivered as SaaS or Software as a Service, the Client benefits from a fully managed solution that is automatically updated to keep up with patches and feature upgrades. The solution puts midsize firms on an equal footing with larger banks in terms of understanding their employees and workforce and gaining the ability to better retain and attract the right employees and improve the employee experience.

The Team of PKSI

Their team derives immense satisfaction from the knowledge that they are the cutting edge of technology services delivery in their areas of expertise. Their team is not only dedicated but also sincere and meticulous in delivering the best-in-class services and full support to the clients. The leadership is also constantly driven by the need to stay ahead and deliver innovative solutions to their clients and partners. They also dedicate themselves to create a PKSI family with the team members, who not only have shared values and, a common vision but also the goal to deliver their level best and pursue excellence in what they do.

Leadership - Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc

Memorable Achievements and Highlights of PKSI

Over the past 20 years since its inception, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. has won numerous accolades and awards from customers and partners, and trade groups. For the past several years, their global development and delivery center has achieved and maintained ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, to assure their clients and partners of the high standards for development and delivery of services and solutions that PKSI is known for and promises to provide. They have also achieved IBM Premier Partner Status and are a SAS Gold Partner.

In 2020, they were awarded the SAS Global Excellence in Innovation Award for Partners for their Advanced Workforce Analytics solution. Other awards and accolades include the 2018 Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, 2020 30 Fabulous Companies to Work For, and the HR Tech Outlook Top 10 HR Analytics Solution award. In They are pleased to report that in recognition of their leadership in Banking Analytics, PKSI will be presenting and hosting a session on AI-driven Banking Analytics for midsize banks at the SAS Global Forum in May 2021.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. aspires to become the Analytics Partner of Choice for HR and Line of Business Leaders of midsize businesses by providing just-in-time insights that better enable them to manage and nurture their workforce. Their growing investment in R&D and their dedicated team are constantly evolving their solutions and exploring new ways to make their clients more successful.

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