Spotlight on Top 3 Social Media Graphic Trends

Spotlight on Top 3 Social Media Graphic Trends | The Enterprise World

Designing for Social Media Graphic Trends involves more than just creating visually appealing content. It necessitates a well-defined content and marketing strategy working in tandem, designed to captivate potential leads. This can be compared to spiders meticulously crafting intricate webs to ensnare their prey. The metaphor emphasizes the importance of having a design team of “smart spiders”, or rather, highly creative and knowledgeable graphic designers with a genuine passion and aptitude for their craft. 

In this blog get to know 3 of the most trending Social Media Graphic trends that are often used by graphic designers with a genuine passion to ensure the spotlight falls rightly on their brands rather than their competitors. Read on.

Top 3 Social Media Graphic Trends

1. Think Inside The Box

Spotlight on Top 3 Social Media Graphic Trends | The Enterprise World

Whichever part of the world you are in, you would have heard or seen on Television or the internet about bento boxes created in Japan. It is nothing but a Japanese lunch box with specific compartments. Now you must be wondering, what is the connection between Japanese lunch boxes and graphic design? Well, there is a connection. The bento graphic grids are the shining social media graphic design stars of 2024. It is everywhere from Facebook to Instagram. 

Pretty much like bento boxes, it has a design framework with compartments to arrange information in the most accessible and logical way. If you carefully check a bent box arrangement, you will notice that all the compartments are not of the same size. Similarly, in a bento box grid design too, information can be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing, content hierarchical way. This helps the viewer have an easy understanding of complex information most logically. Knowing the functionality of bento designs, even UI designers have started adopting this method to improve the usability of the websites. Well, this topic is for another day. 

For now, let us focus on bento box graphic designs. The simplicity of the grids, the alluring convenience of breaking down stats or complex information within it, and considerable reducible scroll fatigue can all add up to why it is most loved by graphic Designer for Social Media Graphic Trends in 2024. 

2. AI Is Here To Stay

Spotlight on Top 3 Social Media Graphic Trends | The Enterprise World

Like many website articles say, AI is not to kill the jobs of graphic designers, it is to elevate the creative visions of the designers. Yes, AI is going to stay here, if not forever, but for a very long time. Today, there are multiple AI options for graphic designers and its Social Media graphic trends readily available online. Some of the popular ones are Runway ML, Canvas Magic Resize, DeepArt, and 

However, it is important to note that there will always be a lack of human creativity in AI-generated graphics. Now, why are generated graphic designs taking popularity on social media platforms and other new media? There are multiple reasons. 

Have you noticed NETFLIX’s posters that are generated based on your viewer history? It is generated by AI. It is humanly impossible to sit and create posters for millions of viewers, ain’t not? 

Another major reason why big businesses are adopting AI tools to create designs in 2024 is when it comes to the consistency of various design elements such as color palettes, typography, etc. AI can never go wrong, and the process gets faster. With the availability of software such as DALL-E 3, a simple text prompt is enough to create life-like images and graphics. 

With big brands such as Coca-Cola and Deloitte coming to the forefront with AI-generated designs, there is no loophole for smaller brands not to use the newer technologies and tools. 

3. Going Unapologetically Bold 

Style cluttercore is what rebel communists are to the design world. They are rebelling against all the design parameters, bringing vibrant colors, thick strokes, and maximalism to the next level. These designers bring chaos to the canvas. It’s a bold new way to embrace creativity. 

Now you must be wondering how it is going to help brands on social media. This style is getting celebrated by clothing, accessories, and fashion brands to gain the attention of Gen Zs who love bold self-expressions and crave newer ways to embrace life, emotions, and lifestyle. 

Well, if you are a social media graphic designer, knowing these trends will fetch you a bit further than usual. But it’s not just about implementation, it is more about adapting to the newer styles, evolving and creating campaigns that gain more likes and shares, and in turn, getting the brand to a level that anyone can relate to with just the look of the brand assets online. This includes creating visually appealing infographics, engaging video content, and interactive posts that promote user engagement.

It’s about understanding the audience’s preferences, being innovative, know the Social Media Graphic Trends and using design strategically to create a strong brand identity . Your designs should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also convey the brand’s message effectively, making it a memorable experience for the users.

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