10 Popular and Stylish Low Fade Haircut Styles to Try

Sexy Low Fade Haircut Ideas in 2024 | The Enterprise World

If you’re looking for a new style, you may have considered low fade. This trend involves having the back and sides tapered shorter from the top to the bottom. This tapered cut can also be paired with numerous different styles to create a handsome look. So, here we’ll explore some of the most popular and stylish styles to try.

What Is A Low Fade?

The low fade is a classy, versatile and stylish haircut that can be paired with the coolest and most elegant styles to achieve a professional and sophisticated vibe. From comb overs to faux hawks, this subtle short faded style will work for every guy to fashion a timeless gentleman’s haircut.

Features of Low Fade Haircuts

  • Low fade hairstyles provide great flexibility
  • Fade starts low on the head, typically above the ears
  • Works well with all hair types
  • Can be adapted to work with all hair lengths

Low Taper Fade

This is a classic cut with the hair getting gradually shorter down the sides. This creates a subtle and elegant effect that is quite timeless. If you don’t want to commit to the latest trend in men’s hairstyles, a tapered low fade could be a good compromise for you. The tapering starts around the ears and curves down the neckline.

Low Fade Wavy Crop

If you have a natural curl in your hair, choosing a style that does not look dense can be tricky. However, creating a low fade and allowing the top to grow thick can be a great way to style potentially unruly hair.

Low Skin Fade

This modern style is ideal for those looking for an on-trend look. This clean-cut fresh style has tapering into extremely short shaved hair. This creates a cool contrast, as the short hair on the back and sides makes the longer hair on top eye-catching. You can then style the top hair as you like, taking it high or slicking it back.

Straight Textured Low Fade Haircut

One of the appealing features of a low fade cut is that it can seamlessly transition into a beard, particularly if you have a short beard. The straight textured cut can work well for those who like a mid length on top and prefer the sides not to be too clean. You can keep the hair on top even longer if you want texture. This means that you can use hair products or blow dry for a dramatic look.

Low Fade Undercut

This is one of the most popular low fade cuts. You can maximize contrast by combining a low-skin face with an undercut to create an edgy look. However, combine a low taper with an undercut if you want a smooth, clean look. This style quickly transitions from very short at the base to medium short mid head and full-length on top. This highlights the fullness and volume of your hair, particularly if you like to comb your hair back.

Line Low Fade

If you want a hairstyle that has a unique twist, consider a line-low fade. This requires some skilled razor work, as the top is kept long and natural with a subtle fade and a design shaved into the nape. This provides numerous style options for all occasions while still showcasing that you are the most fashion-forward in any room.

Short Hair Low Fade Haircut

If you prefer short hair, this is a popular cut, creating a stylish, masculine cut. From a textured top with a hard side part to messy styles, low fade haircut can complement short hair by keeping the sides trimmed. This naturally draws the eye to the styling. If you want a bold look, pair with a low skin fade or you can create a pro look with a tapered fade.

Long Hair Low Fade Haircut

Longer hair can work well with a low fade, particularly if you want a versatile style. A low tapered fade can create a smooth, attractive look for any occasion, or you could combine it with a skin fade for an edgy look. Either option can create a maximized contrast that you can soften with a textured comb back.

Low Fade Blowout

This style creates a stylish yet bold look. The style is achieved by blow drying and brushing the hair up straight after washing. You may need some medium-hold products to maintain the shape. This eye-catching style can slim down the look of the face or provide more styling options for those with thinner hair.

Low Fade Crew Cut

This style takes the classic crew cut to another level. The classic cut has short hair on top with shorter sides. However, with a fade, it has extra contrast while requiring minimal styling. This is a classy style that offers an all-around clean look, yet still has a fashionable finish.  

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