3 Leading Golden Visa Programs

3 Leading Golden Visa Programs | The Enterprise World

The golden visa provides a wide range of opportunities for foreign nationals to stay in the host country. In some countries, it gives the right to reside permanently; in others, it considerably simplifies the process of acquiring citizenship. A golden visa programs for wealthy people is an excellent chance to move to a place with better economic and social conditions. 

A number of countries with such immigration programs also provide excellent opportunities for tourism due to the availability of visa-free regimes. This is especially true for countries located in the EU zone. To obtain a Golden Visa, it is more often necessary to make an investment in certain real estate. Some countries also grant it for the purchase of government bonds, bank deposits for a certain amount, etc.

Overview of Top Golden Visa Programs Worldwide

In recent years, the golden visa programs has been gaining popularity in European countries. In this way, they contribute to the attraction of capital, wealthy citizens, and businesses to the state. According to Brittany Collins (My Golden Visa agency), countries like Portugal, Greece, and Spain offer some of the best Golden Visa programs. Delicious cuisine, warm climates, and the availability of sea vacations unite all these countries.

№1. Portugal Golden Visa

3 Leading Golden Visa Programs | The Enterprise World

While some European countries have curtailed their immigration programs or strengthened the requirements, Portugal has taken a different path. The Portuguese program is flexible. Golden visa holders have the opportunity to stay on the territory of the country for any amount of time. After five years, they can apply for citizenship. There are several investment options: production of movies and TV series and investment funds. The lower limit of contribution varies from 200 to 500 thousand euros.

Among the Golden visa advantages of Portugal is the opportunity to obtain one of the strongest passports in the world. It allows one to travel to 187 countries without needing additional documents. The investment program covers children, parents, and husband/wife. It allows one to use health care and education systems.

№2. Greece Golden Visa

The Greek immigration program offers some of the best conditions for fast processing of the Golden Visa. The investor must invest at least 250 thousand euros in real estate to obtain it. Applications are processed remotely. The process takes about 90 days. It is allowed to apply for citizenship after seven years of permanent residence. In addition, it is necessary to pass a test for knowledge of the language and history of the country.

№3. Spain Golden Visa

3 Leading Golden Visa Programs | The Enterprise World

Spain is considered one of the most desirable European countries for temporary or permanent residence. The right to the Golden Visa gives the right to invest in real estate. The total investment must be 0.5 million euros. It is also possible to open a new business. In this case, a certain threshold is not set.

To become a Spanish citizen, one must have lived in Spain for ten years. It will also be necessary to renounce the first citizenship. Dual citizenship is forbidden in the state.

Comparing Investment Requirements and Benefits

Spain, Portugal, and Greece offer leading Golden visa programs. The countries are similar in terms of living conditions and requirements to the applicant, but their programs have nuances.

Portugal has some of the most lenient requirements for applicants for the Golden Visa. The minimum investment amount is only 200 thousand euros, and the right to citizenship is available after 60 months. However, to maintain the visa’s validity, staying in the country at least seven days a year is necessary. In the case of Spain and Greece, there are no such requirements. But when applying for Greek citizenship, it is required to pass exams; in Spain, retaining citizenship of the current country of residence is impossible.

The choice of a suitable immigration program should be made based on the pros for a particular person, family, and plans.

The Application Process for Each Golden Visa Programs

Each Golden Visa involves a different processing procedure, but the basic steps are fairly standard. Often, the applicant must fulfill the established investment requirement, i.e., open a business or purchase real estate or a share in a specific object. The state provides a list of investment areas.

Then, it is necessary to submit all the required documents to the state unit that deals with the program. During verification, a decision is made whether a person can apply for a Golden Visa. To increase the chances, one can turn to a licensed agent who knows all the intricacies of the procedure and will help to reduce the probability of rejection to almost zero.

The step-by-step checkout procedure is as follows:

  1. Contacting an agency that deals with migration issues.
  2. Selecting the best way to invest.
  3. Collecting a package of documents.
  4. Submitting the application.
  5. Application Consideration.
  6. Issuance of a Golden Visa Authorization.

Most visas are allowed to be extended for a certain period.


A golden visa is an excellent opportunity to improve living conditions, obtain European citizenship in the future, and many more additional benefits. The main thing is to choose the best immigration program. To avoid wasting time, it is better to take the help of a specialized specialist immediately. One can entrust him with all the work with the documents; the time one has left is better spent on other tasks.

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