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Traditionally, businesses have operated and maintained data through their data centers and servers. However, Salesforce is making strides, acquiring companies, and focusing on making it easier to use and the go-to platform for business solutions. This includes merging all the technologies into a single, manageable system, employing AI to manipulate data for automation, and releasing teams from certain tasks. As a result, it is now crucial to upload data to the cloud, store it there, and have a good cloud management strategy in place.          

The CEO of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, Siddharth Sehgal, reinvented data management using the cloud to develop novel solutions. He claims that the secret to creating a successful cloud management plan is having a thorough understanding of the sector and powerful resources. To provide the market with top-notch cloud solutions, Siddharth founded 360 Degree Cloud in 2012.

About 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

360 Degree Cloud Technologies is a customer-focused Salesforce Summit (Platinum) partner focused on providing a broad range of Salesforce services and products, including expert-led consultation, implementation, third-party connections, and powerful, ‘clicks-only’ bundled automation. Since its foundation in 2012, it has completed over 1250 projects in a variety of industries, including media, entertainment, real estate, healthcare, and finance.

It has been a Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner and was established as a Salesforce practice 10 years ago. 

Thanks to its years of experience and development of reusable components for quicker development, the organization is at the top tier attainable. By cutting years of wasted development time and budget approval down to just a few months, it can assist Salesforce users with much faster and more robust solution creation and user acceptance. Additionally, it is one of the few companies with a strong, results-driven development style that prioritizes the success of the client.

The company has created long-term execution plans and roadmaps for its clients’ long-term business visions as partners. These include Innovative Salesforce solutions, Salesforce remodeling, web & app development, Pardot, and other services based on particular business needs. 

The vast workflow at 360 Degree Cloud Technologies involves qualified experts giving situation-appropriate solutions to the most challenging problems. When it comes to business initiatives, the 360 team identifies suboptimality and dynamic and structural problems, and it builds around the best solutions for optimum performance. It has opened offices in the US, UK, and Australia as a result of its continuous growth as a preferred innovation partner, assisting businesses in getting the most out of their Salesforce platforms.

An Astute Leader

Siddharth launched 360 Degree Cloud Technologies ten years ago and began working for Salesforce fifteen years ago. He is a fervent supporter of Salesforce, and having used it himself, he can attest to its ability to alter businesses. He sticks out because he still adheres to and believes in the archaic cliches. He believes in honesty in customer service, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, starting with the heart, and placing the customer at the center of all decisions and plans.

Siddharth’s relationship with Salesforce and 30 Degree Cloud has a long and interesting history. In 2012, he began with a small team of only 5 people. Since then, it has been moving up. The company has become more powerful and capable. There are currently 600+ professionals (the top 5%) in this family, and they have 400+ certifications in all Salesforce products. With over 3000 projects completed globally across more than 30 sectors, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies is a boutique Salesforce Consulting and Product company that has been around for almost ten years.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

Swiftly finding qualified Salesforce talent is a major challenge. 360 Degree Cloud Technologies works diligently to find resources to correct this. The team is trying to simplify things while maintaining performance and rigor. Additionally, it aims to find out what top-tier Salesforce talent wants. The company still offers the option of remote working as not all workers enjoy the commute even with the reopening of the offices. Due to this, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies is the best option for any top talent that seeks more freedom in their personal and professional lives.

In contrast to other techniques, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies promotes personnel development and growth above attrition, investing extensively in it. The 360 team develops more personnel capable of handling difficult projects on their own. With certifications that considerably reward resources and clients, it is also highly aggressive. The clients receive verified, suitable resources and the resources receive steady, sustainable career advancement.

360 Degree Cloud’s resources stand out among its competitors and attract more clients than any other company, thanks to the ideal combination of methods. Because of this, the bench pool expands yearly from top to bottom. With the fourth industrial revolution rapidly approaching and the US economy shifting, the company is positioned itself to provide the best ROI as soon as workable. To assist customers to go live more quickly, it focuses on creating reusable components, optimizing project sequences, and delivering at the development level.

Triggering Point

360 Degree Cloud Technologies saw customer success and Salesforce as the most important aspects of its future as it realized that it could only expand if clients used digitalization and its cloud installations to flourish. When it concentrated only on customer success and Salesforce excellence, the company’s entire direction was altered.

Services & Products in Brief

360 Degree Cloud Technologies offers fundamental Salesforce services throughout the Salesforce Cloud Technology stack. It primarily offers consulting, customization, integration, implementation, and product development services led by experts for ISVs. In addition to this, the company also offers specialized Salesforce Staffing, and thanks to its success in product development, it has expanded into a subsidiary product firm, 360 SMS.

It also provides expert-led Staff Augmentation services for Salesforce Partners under its proprietary Staff Augmentation Framework, Salesforce Staff Augmentation 2.0 (SSA 2.0), supplying partners with reliable resources for their in-house teams on contract. 

360 Degree Cloud Technologies also help them rapidly acquire and retain more talent that creates niche cloud and product development skills in-house. Ultimately, it aims to help Salesforce partners acquire more Salesforce clients and facilitate the growth of their practice.

Through it’s core development services, it focuses on the development and growth of the business through a thorough technological streamlining of current operations. It facilitates digital preparedness, which over time accumulates into possibilities and competitive advantages and aids in capitalizing on rising or falling markets. Siddharth thinks that Salesforce issues are breakfast for 360 Degree Cloud Technologies. The business has always sought problems before trying to fix them.

Only best-practice solutions are used by the project teams of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies for software development, delivery, and delivery. It’s because the company is run by Salesforce individuals who care about its customers. Over these cloud products, the company creates architecturally better adaptations and solutions that genuinely suit clients’ demands and are easily adopted by teams. It has a special innovation team that focuses only on innovative, new technology.

On the product front, the company is both humbled and happy to refer to itself as a leader, a pioneer in the messaging and communications arena, guiding companies to unrivaled lead flows and operational simplicity. Over the AppExchange, it has provided unique Salesforce-native solutions for bulk activities in:

  • SMS Marketing (360 SMS App)
  • Email Verification (360 Verify the Mail)
  • 360 CTI (Salesforce-native CTI made especially for Sales Teams)
  • Textolic (Another fully-featured Salesforce Texting app)
  • 360 Unsubscribe App (Unsubscription and Opt-Out Management, Opt-out reducing landing pages, Email Compliance)
  • 360 Notes (Salesforce-native call disposition for easily accessible Sales and Support teams,  Internal Sales Notes)
  • Record Merges & Deduplication (360 Merge App)
  • Managed Closure Handling & Data Compliance (360 OptIn/OptOut App)

Take on Digital Transformation

Siddharth is adamant about making investments in automation. “Don’t set goals for yourself before making technology investments. You will reach those goals and beyond much more quickly, thanks to technology. It’s not about creating things only to implement them or charge for their use. Businesses benefit from digital transformation and can flourish more quickly,” he advises.

Salesforce is the future of CRM, in his opinion, and nothing else compares or scales as well as Salesforce in terms of Cloud, CRM, and AI. “You can manage your complete sales cycle, service process, lead generation, and marketing operations with a solid CRM,” he explains. A successful CRM deployment can transform the company’s operations and growth trajectory from a downward spiral or plateau to a steady upward trend.

According to 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, the optimal project conclusion achieves the best ROI and results in the quickest time frame and at the lowest cost.

Increasing Business Scalability and Sustainability

With the reusable components it has developed, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies can assist Salesforce users with more rapid and effective solution creation and user acceptance, cutting years of wasteful development and budget approval down to just a few months. The company’s primary goal is to grow and expand its business through technologically intensive optimization of present processes.

To plug into the market when it’s hot or cold, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies provides digital readiness, which over time accumulates into opportunities and competitive advantages. Its initiatives make use of the most cutting-edge Salesforce technology to speed up, streamline, and make the organization leaner. Additionally, the company has created previously used components for considerably shorter projects to ease the customer’s life.

Standing Out from the Rest

360 Degree Cloud Technologies is one of the few companies with a solid, results-driven development methodology that prioritizes client success. The company’s exclusive focus on customer growth—rather than the choice of technology or what will increase revenue—sets it apart from competitors in the eyes of its customers. It is client-focused and success-oriented. The company is also its preferred consultant since it wants to improve the level of consulting and service in the Salesforce ecosystem by utilizing the best techniques and knowledge.

The company has already completely embraced Einstein-AI penetration by onboarding more competent Salesforce Talent and has already used SF Einstein as a front-running Salesforce practice. To ensure that its customers can grow more quickly, it is also examining how it can handle and acquire richer consumer data while operationalizing AI more meaningfully and competitively.

Why 360 Degree Cloud Technologies? 

Diversity of options and customer fulfillment.

To maximize throughput, profits, and value for the business, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies pushes the envelope beyond the edge case.

Security, integrity, and timely delivery

The 360 Degrees teams are acutely aware of what it takes to position those who count for success and growth.

Core Focus & Services in the Future

360 Degree Cloud Technologies intends to hire local employees and expand its operations to additional developed nations, including the UK, US, and Australia, to successfully support its customer-centric products in the future. By enlarging its off-shore development centers in strategic talent hubs like India, the company hopes to accomplish this simultaneously and be able to source a variety of cloud talent and provide the widest range of services, including those recently acquired by Salesforce, such as Tableau, Vlocity, etc.

The company also noticed a void in the communication environment, and 360 Degree Cloud Technologies will further develop this environment. Additionally, it will shortly enter the telephone sector.

Even as it grows and introduces new services, 360 Degree Cloud’s primary goal remains serving its clients. The company aspires to provide successful Salesforce assistance for digital growth to its clients. Even as Salesforce technology develops, that determines the company’s long-term strategy.

The company also wants its clients to be able to communicate openly and directly with one another, leave with a significant amount of value, and permanently remove the growth barriers and pain points they were experiencing. To give business teams a true competitive edge, even when their rivals are having trouble, it also intends to offer clients only the finest that Salesforce and communications technology have to offer.

Key achievements 

Siddharth’s key achievements are simultaneous to the feats 360 Degree Cloud Technologies has achieved. Some are:

  • Platinum Consulting Partner (by Salesforce) 
  • Product Development Outsourcing partner (by Salesforce)
  • Talent Alliance Partner (by Salesforce)
  • DEMO JAM WINNER (by Salesforce)
  • Leading Software Development Company(by Online Degree)
  • Top Salesforce Development Company (by ForceTalks)
  • Top App Development Company (by AppFutura)
  • Top Cloud Consulting Company (by Techreviewer)
  • Best Salesforce Consulting Company in 2022 (by Business Connect), and a Great Place to Work.

Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs

When asked about advice for aspiring business owners, Siddharth responds, “Please find a niche and strive continually toward it.”

He continues, “Core technologies, like Sales and Service Cloud are saturated. If you’re just getting started, concentrating on Vlocity, Mulesoft, Slack, and Commerce Cloud will increase your chances of finding prospects. Since resources get consistent, reliable career growth, and the clients. There are still plenty of untapped markets there that are ready for dominance.”

To sum up- 

  • Concentrate on going-live faster
  • Centralizing tools into one system
  • Think of Salesforce as a MUST HAVE
  • Formalize best practices, concentrate on retention
  • Find talent quickly, Invest and retain it wholeheartedly

According to Siddharth, “In the end, competitive advantages will add up, you’ll be ahead of your colleagues, and customers will continue to return for value. The best marketing tactic is care. The finest marketing you can do for your business is to show that you care about your clients, team members, and suppliers. You’ll get your money’s worth in terms of business and growth.”


“360 Degree Cloud Technologies is a customer-focused Salesforce Summit (Platinum) partner focused on providing a broad range of Salesforce services and products, including expert-led consultation, implementation, third-party connections, and powerful, ‘clicks-only’ bundled automation.”

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